Bihar elections: Modi declares victory in India’s first coronavirus vote

Bihar elections: Modi declares victory in India's first coronavirus vote

The results of the Election Commission of India show that Modi’s Hindu Nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and its coalition partners have returned to power in Bihar, the country’s third most populous state with a population of over 100 crore. People.

As soon as the results of the Bihar Assembly elections came out, Modi tweeted on Tuesday local time, saying, “With the blessings of the people, there is an atmosphere of democracy in Bihar once again.” “I assure every citizen of Bihar that we will work for the equal development of every sector and every individual.”

The BJP and its three coalition partners won 122 seats out of 243, Just enough to give the coalition a victory in a narrow race, involving three rounds of voting in round October. The Progressive Rashtriya Janata Dal won 75 seats, one more than the BJP, but it is not enough to win even with its coalition partners.

Earlier polls had hinted that the BJP could be headed for defeat in Bihar, which has been hit hard by measures to curb India’s coronavirus epidemic, which is the worst in the world besides the United States in terms of virus castle load.

Bihar is one of the poorest states in India, and many residents travel outside the state for work. When Modi imposed a Nationwide lockdown In March, with only four hours of instruction, lots Migrant workers Left without a job from Bihar. According to Government of India data, More than 10 million migrant workers Returned to their home states – including more than 1.5 million in Bihar.
Unemployment in Bihar rose from 15.4% in March to 6.6% in April, however, it has come back down in recent months as the coronavirus ban has eased. October In October, Bihar had 9.8% unemployment Official statistics.
Bihar has reported More than 220,000 cases India still has a relatively small proportion of 8.5 million cases and 127,000 deaths – including 1,156 deaths.

However, the number of daily new coronavirus cases in India has dropped since September when authorities reported more than 1,000,000 a day, but cases have resumed in the country’s capital, New Delhi. Earlier this week, Delhi recorded the biggest one-day increase in the Kovid-11 case, topping over 450,000.

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What does voting mean?

Although the Bihar elections were held in the shadow of the country’s emerging coronavirus crisis, Giles Verniers, a professor of political science at Ashok University in the Indian state of North Haryana, said it was unclear how coronaviruses played a role in getting people to vote.

Bihar had already faced high unemployment rate before Kovid-1 Bihar, but it was made worse by the lockout and control of migrant workers, he said. The BJP had to spend some votes due to resentment and resentment over how the overseas crisis was handled. In the last elections of 2015, the BJP got 86.6% of the votes, but this election it won only ૨ 29.7%.

“It seems clear that Covid took a stand on every problem that existed … but not on the issue of where he would knock the government out.”

“Voters believe in Modi that he means good, he can’t go wrong, that he is the only option that exists and keeps a close eye on the outcome of the government’s action.”

Although the BJP lost its share of the vote in Bihar, its tight election success has changed the party’s fortunes, despite winning last year’s general election and several recent defeats in other local elections.

Modi’s party in February A dramatic bear Defeat in the local elections in New Delhi, voters in the capital prefer to ignore on their divided, Hindu-nationalist platform. In late 2018, Major states Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh .BJP lost.

“The outcome for Bihar is clearly welcome news for the BJP,” Verniers said.

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How the election went

As people were heading to the polls, it was clear that it was not just another election.

Staff at the Hazmet Suite helped Kovid patients vote, According to A tweet from the office for the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) in Bihar.
As they waited for voters to cast their ballots, they drew chalk circles on the ground to encourage them to form a six-foot queue, and voters Temperature checked Before admitting them to the polling station. Special procedures were put in place for Covid-19 patients or suspected cases.

But similar precautions do not always appear during the preaching work.

Despite increasing cases of coronavirus in some parts of India, Bihar politicians rallied ahead of the state polls. Images on social media showed large gatherings, where a few people wore face masks or practiced social distance.

“India has shown that it has the capacity to hold safe elections in terms of voting and counting,” Verniers said. “You can’t say that for publicity.”

CNN’s Vedika Sud also contributed to the reporting from New Delhi.


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