British House of Commons ratifies Brexit Treaty «

British House of Commons ratifies Brexit Treaty «

The British House of Commons and Prime Minister Boris Johnson have approved the Brexit trade agreement with the European Union. Voted against the Scottish Regional Parliament. All that’s missing now is the Queen’s signature.

5.44 pm, December 30, 2020

Commission head Ursula von der Leyen and EU Council President Charles Michel © AP

It was on Wednesday afternoon after the European Union summit The British House of Commons also ratified the Brexit Treaty. The law would probably apply only after midnight if the House of Lords also voted for it (which is supposed to be certain) and Queen Elizabeth II. His formal approval has been given. The Scottish Regional Parliament voted against it but the deal could not be stopped.

Top of the European Union is Brexit trade agreement with Great Britain signed on. Ceremony with the head of the European Union Commission Ursula von der Leyen And President of the European Union Council Charles michelle It was broadcast on the Internet on Wednesday morning. From Brussels’ point of view, this means that the last hurdle before the pact’s application is cleared from 1 January. The British Parliament’s approval and the necessary signatures in London should follow on Wednesday.

Council leader Mitchell described the agreement as fair and balanced. It protects the interests of the European Union and creates stability and credibility for citizens and companies, explained Mitchell. The European Union will stand shoulder to shoulder with the United Kingdom on important issues such as climate protection and the global fight against pandemics.

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Regulations from 1st January

The trade and partnership agreement of around 1,250 pages governs economic relations from the first January to the post-Brexit transition phase. This avoids tariffs and keeps friction losses in retail as low as possible. At the same time, many other issues including fishing and cooperation on energy, transport, justice, police are handled.

However, for some time the contract can only be enforced provisionally because Ratification by the European Parliament There was no time before the end of the year – the two sides only worked on Christmas and thus the final time was practically negotiated. The European Parliament wants to examine the text carefully. A vote is targeted in February or March.


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