Campidoglio, here are Gualtieri’s new appointments. Former deputy head of Carfagna’s cabinet at the helm of the Scottish staff

  Campidoglio, here are Gualtieri's new appointments.  Former deputy head of Carfagna's cabinet at the helm of the Scottish staff

The definition of employees continues to support Mayor Roberto Gualtieri in his government activity in Rome. Notably, Antonello Paciola and Fabrizio Scaia were appointed to the mayor’s press office, with the latest council resolutions published on 25 November in the Praetorian Register of the Municipality of Rome.

Who are Gualtieri’s two new press officers?

Scaya, 51, a professional journalist, was the press officer in the Lazio region from 2005 to 2010 and then until June 2016 followed the communications of the Municipality of Grosseto, where she was born. Since 2018 he has joined the staff of President Nicola Zingaretti. Documentation and communication. 37-year-old Paciola, originally from Noictaro, Puglia, is a professional journalist and has collaborated with various local and national newspapers over the years. Both will receive a gross annual salary of €57,520.25 for the role of “support for editorial activities and monitoring of data and information and document flow, in correlation with the figure of the spokesperson”.

Other appointments in the mayor’s cabinet

Ugo Papi, a former member of the Foreign Department of the Democratic Party and associate of ItalianEurope and Italian Affairs, also comes to the Mayor’s cabinet with the task of “ensuring the necessary support for the relationship between the Mayor’s Private Secretariat and the Management”. The Cabinet Office responsible for international relations “and will receive 43,363.39 gross per year for its completion. Cecilia del Giudice, formerly of the staff handling the communications of Gualtieri’s election campaign, “related to the collection and organization of data and communications enters the cabinet with the task of “coordinating activities”, thus achieving a gross of 80,000 euros.

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Maria Antonella Procopio and Carla Etianiez (later in the Democratic Party’s press office from 2008 to 2014 and then social media manager from 2012 to 2016, editor of “Democrata” from 2017 until its closure in 2019) “will deal with the activities of” Drafting and monitoring data and information and document flows”. €47,134.19 gross per year for both full-time and fixed-term contracts (formula similar to all others).

From Montesecro to Private Secretariat

Instead, he would enter the private secretariat of “Gualtieri Sabrina Cavalcanti, a member of the Roman Assembly, an advocate for the PD of the III Municipality, and former head of the school, with the task of coordinating and controlling the secretariat activity and documents presented to him.” should be done”. He will receive a gross annual salary of 62,000 Euros.

A youth demo for the most delicate dossier

Tommaso Sasso, a manifestation of the Young Democrats and former chairman of the left-wing youth movement, was called upon by Gualtieri to deal with “the expansion, maintenance and management of politico-institutional documents referring to the mayor’s activity and mandate program”. Some of the most important civilian dossiers will also pass through him and for this he will be awarded a total of 57,520.25 euros per year. The round of appointments is closed by Sandra Bassotti, coming from PD dei Castelli (Monte Porzio Catone), who is added to the staff of the Private Secretariat for a gross of 43,363.39 euros per year.

Harvard to Capital

Francesco Panetti, a lawyer with studies at the Scuola Superior di Sant’Anna and the prestigious Harvard University, formerly Deputy Chief of the Cabinet of the Minister of the South Mara Carfagna (who he retained after taking over from Dame Giuseppe Provenzano), Sylvia Scosese The new head of the U.K. Secretariat is the Deputy Mayor with budgetary responsibility. Panetti, who has collaborated with Casa Depositi e Prestiti in the past, will receive a gross annuity of EUR 91,089.95.

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