Causes of new coronovirus mutation: Germany will stop air traffic with Great Britain from midnight – politics

Causes of new coronovirus mutation: Germany will stop air traffic with Great Britain from midnight - politics

Flights from Great Britain, to save from a new version of Coronavirus Germany Largely prevented. Getting off after midnight is prohibited, as evident by an order from the Federal Ministry of Transport on Sunday. Previously reported “picture”– Newspapers about the same schemes.

The exceptions are pure cargo flights, flights with medical staff or if the jets only return to Germany with the crew on board. The federal government plans to impose further restrictions on travel to South Africa in the new week.

To protect the population in Germany and to “limit the entry and rapid spread of new virus variants”, an immediate, temporary ban on flights from the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland is required, the Ministry of Transport explained in the regulation. Virus mutations were reported from there that were not yet found in Germany.

According to the ruling, the landing ban will initially apply until 31 December. Its background is that it is based on existing EU regulation for the fastest possible implementation – and Great Britain is only temporarily in the EU’s internal market by the end of the year.

The ordinance should still impose sanctions, as it was stated in government circles. This requires some degree of lead time – as the rules must first be announced in the Federal Gazette before they can be implemented. Health Minister Jens Spann reported that there are plans to ban “all travel” with a regulation in Great Britain and South Africa this Monday.

SPAN: Take Reports Very Seriously

The CDU politician said in the ARD “Report from Berlin” on Sunday evening that reports in Great Britain were being taken very seriously. “Rapid transferability, considered in this case, will certainly change a lot and is therefore important to prevent Germany’s entry into continental Europe.” It is important to verify the findings about the virus variant and look ahead at the same time. To act. The minister expressed surprise that many Germans wanted to spend Christmas holidays in South Africa. He thinks that if these people have not heard the messages to travel and limit contacts

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The Federal Ministry ordered the Internal Police to systematically investigate travelers from Great Britain and South Africa with immediate effect. This applies with the view of correct registration in digital entry registration, a ministry spokesperson announced on Sunday in Berlin. Necessary infection protection measures should be coordinated with locally responsible health officials. Passengers have to be prepared to wait longer at the borders.

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Top talks between Berlin, Paris and Brussels

On Sunday afternoon, Chancellor Angela Merkel discussed the situation of Corona in England in a telephone call with French President Emmanuel Macron, EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and European Council President Charles Michel. According to information from the Elysée Circle, the talks focused on a general approach given the new form of corona virus that appeared there.

The Spanish government is calling for coordinated EU action due to a suspected more contagious version of the virus. First European countries reacted to warnings from Great Britain in the morning and imposed landing restrictions for aircraft from Britain.

According to information received from government circles in Berlin, the European Union is still working on a joint decision with Great Britain for road and sea transport. According to media reports, she wants to decide at the beginning of the week on the complete suspension of passenger traffic between mainland Europe and the United Kingdom. However, the goods should be allowed to continue for transport.

Netherlands is the first to ban

Netherlands He was the first to order a ban. To prevent the mutation from spreading, passenger planes from the Kingdom are currently not allowed to land in the Netherlands. This regulation applies from Sunday morning to January 1, the government in The Hague said.

She also announced that a case of the new mutation, which appears to be particularly contagious, has also been discovered in the Netherlands. The National Health Authority recommended “to prevent the entry of this virus variant from Great Britain as far as possible”. This is why the Cabinet of Prime Minister Mark Rutte decided to ban flights from Great Britain “as a precaution”. Possible rules for other traffic routes are currently being reviewed, the Health Ministry said.

The Netherlands discovered a case in early December

Regarding the Corona case with a new mutation occurring in the Netherlands, the ministry said it was discovered in early December. According to preliminary results, this is the “version described in Great Britain”. Experts are currently investigating how this infection occurred and whether there are cases related to it.

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Too Belgium Responded promptly on Sunday morning and cut off its transport links with the United Kingdom. Flights and train connections from Great Britain will be halted by midnight, a government representative in Brussels announced. Prime Minister Alexander de Crew said on TV channel VRT that the suspension of flight and train connections would apply for at least 24 hours.

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France Banned flights from Britain on Sunday evening. The regulation applies from midnight to 31 December. In addition, all passenger traffic from the UK will be halted for 48 hours. From Sunday midnight, road, rail, sea and air traffic from the United Kingdom will be suspended, as the government announced after a crisis meeting on Sunday evening. Therefore, the transport of goods along with the driver is also affected.

Too Italy Wants to suspend flight connections with Great Britain. Italy’s Foreign Minister Luigi Di Mio wrote on Facebook, “The UK has sounded the alarm about a new form of Kovid that could be the result of a mutation of the virus.” As a government one has to protect the Italians, and so one is about to sign an order suspending flights with Great Britain, he said.

On Sunday evening, the Italian Ministry of Health also announced that a mutation had been detected in an Italian patient. The patient and another person had returned from Great Britain in the last few days and landed in Rome by plane. The patient is now in quarantine.

Too Austria Wants to impose landing restrictions for flights from Great Britain. Details of the measure are still being worked on, the Ministry of Health told the Austrian news agency APA. The mutation has not yet been detected in Austria. In addition, travelers from Great Britain, like other countries, will have to remain in quarantine for ten days according to the entry regulation, which comes into effect from Saturday.

British part of the country Wells And Scotland Restrictions also tightened. In Greece All UK travelers must leave for a week from tomorrow. Norway A negative corona test is required. Too Sweden Plans travel restrictions. British neighbor Ireland Banned flights from the UK for at least 48 hours.

Bulgaria Also responded to banning flights from Great Britain by the end of the month. Me too Czech Republic As of Monday, aircraft arriving from Great Britain will no longer be allowed to land due to coronavirus mutations. All related measures are to be officially announced in the morning, as announced by the Ministry of Health in Prague on Twitter.

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In Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke in favor of an entry freeze for travelers from Great Britain, Denmark and South Africa. Netanyahu said on Sunday that he had instructed a team of experts to ensure that the new virus version did not enter Israel and spread.

There is even talk of a temporary closure of Ben Gurion International Airport near Tel Aviv. According to media reports, after arriving in Israel with the police, on Sunday, flight passengers from London were brought to quarantine at special hotels in Corona.

The Gulf state was clearly the first country outside the European Union to be halted Kuwait Flights from the UK due to the new version of Coronavirus. It was announced following an order from health officials overseeing civil aviation in Kuwait.

The virus mutation is blamed for the sharp increase in the number of infections in the south of England. For London and the south-east of England, the British government ordered a strict lockdown by the end of the year on Saturday because of the new virus. Hancock made it clear that measures could take longer until enough people were vaccinated against coronovirus. Without vaccination, “it would be very difficult to keep it under control,” the minister said.

In London and the south-east of the country, people are instructed to leave their homes only in exceptional cases. All businesses that do not meet basic needs have to be closed.

According to initial findings, the new virus mutation is “70 percent more contagious than previously widespread”, as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said. According to previous knowledge, however, it is not more fatal. There is also no evidence that the vaccine’s effectiveness will be affected by the strain of the new virus, Johnson assured.

A new version of the Sorce-COV-2 virus is also roaming in South Africa. Health Minister Zweli Makise said in a TV speech on Friday evening that this version was initially called 501.V2 during genetic tests on samples from different provinces. So far, it is unclear whether the presence of the new variant will affect future vaccinations. However, the government’s previous strategies should not change. (spoon, DPA, AFP, Reuters)


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