Celtic-Rangers in Australia: Old firm ‘friendly’ despite fan anger

Celtic-Rangers in Australia: Old firm 'friendly' despite fan anger

Ale’old firm Has always been one of the most popular derbys in the world. The challenge before the two Glasgow teams is Celtic And ranger peopleThere is something that goes beyond football and that touches on strings like history, politics and religion, which usually have nothing to do with the ball.

For this reason, the Glasgow Derby always holds a spectacular show, a show that, for the first time in history, will be taken outside the Scottish borders.

during the break period Scottish Premiership For world ChampionshipsCeltic and Rangers will really move on Australia for a tournament that will see him as a hero Sydney FC And this western sydney wanderers.

presence of both teams Sydney Super CupAn event that will start in mid-November has been confirmed by the two clubs. ranger people have already announced the match against Celtic next 20 November in the frame ofAccor Stadium83500 seats facility.

The news was not well received by fans of both teams and in fact, the reaction from fans of Celtic and Rangers in recent days has led to the thought of a possible waiver by both teams from Glasgow.

The anger of many has also spread on social networks, but for both Celtic and Rangers, the Sydney Super Cup will represent an inevitable opportunity from the point of view of an economic return.

Rangers Commercial Director, James BisgroveIn fact, explained how this tournament represents a unique opportunity.

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“We have never received such an offer for Do Friendly. We then examined the situation and the board unanimously decided that this is something positive for the club.”

Despite the disappointment of two fans, Old Firm will again move to Australia.

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