Connecticut for fine people who do not wear masks

Connecticut for fine people who do not wear masks

Connecticut Govt. Ned Lamont (D) said Monday that the state will impose fines on people who do not comply with the state’s mask order and limit the ability to incident.

Under a new executive order issued by Lamont, residents will have to pay a 100 fine for not wearing a mask, 250 250 for going to large unauthorized events, and up to $ 500 for organizing unauthorized events. According to For Hartford Current.

Under current rules, events are limited to 25 people indoors and 100 people indoors.

The order is expected to take effect from midnight on Thursday, said Josh Gable, Connecticut’s chief rating operating officer. He told the newspaper that the state has struggled over how to enforce the order.

Local authorities can currently impose a 1,000 fine for violating a state travel adviser or a misdemeanor charge, which many local officials consider excessive.

“Not much has really been done, as many have seen [a misdemeanor charge] Excessive rudeness for failing to wear a mask as if you can’t socially distance yourself, “Jebel told Kurant.” So they asked for this new tool, a breach that was a bit of a step-down implementation. “

Penalties already exist for some individual municipalities in the state, such as the city of Simsbury, where violations of masking or social distance orders are punishable by a 250 fine.

“It’s come again and at a time where we felt it was the right thing to do,” Ge Ge told Kurant.

This has been ordered as the positivity rate for coronavirus tests in the state is increasing. The rate fell below 1 per cent in mid-July and early September, but reached 1.5 per cent last Wednesday and has not bounced back below 1 per cent since.

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In the state as of Tuesday, 54,9595. There are confirmed cases and ,, 4 deaths. The death is confirmed, according to Johns Hopkins University.


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