Coulthard crushes Tsunoda: “Pack your bags and go home” – Formula 1

Coulthard stronca Tsunoda: “Faccia i bagagli e torni a casa”

Expected with great anticipation in F1 after playing a stellar debut season in Formula 2 in 2020, Yuki Tsunoda He failed to live up to the expectations that many had of him. In his first year at AlphaTauri the Japanese driver was not only clearly beaten by teammate Pierre Gasly, but also showed an unfriendly performance on the track, which also featured several accidents. Faenza’s team – and the Red Bull group more generally – have however decided to rely on him, extending his contract for the 2022 season as well.

A choice upon which, with great sincerity, the natives of Sagamihara themselves commented in amazement. “The first half of the season was quite a hit and miss. – Tsunada announced at Monza – So from my side too I was a little surprised to be confirmed for next year. Because I keep crashing and cost the team a lot of money”. However, the words that greatly puzzled the former pilot – and TODAY television commentator – David Coulthard. Talking to Scotsman channel 4MILF’s award winner bluntly rookie of the Year Last F2.

What Planet Are You From? I think he should pack up and go home, cause it’s not the driver’s voice – The former color carrier for Williams, McLaren and Red Bull commented – ‘I’m surprised they can keep me because I keep crashing’. I will book a plane ticket now and get it nice and cheap, because it will be in Formula 1 no later than the end of next yearCoulthard commented. daman mountainCoulthard’s companion at Williams’ time, gave a ‘political’ lesson of his stay: “He is associated with Honda, do not forget that this is a relevant aspect in this caseThe 1996 champion commented on the F1 Nation podcast.

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