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from Paola De Carolis

A storm broke out in Great Britain over the declarations of Conservative MPs on the deputy leader of the opposition, Angela Renner. “He knows he can’t compete with Boris’s Oxford team but he has other skills”

LONDON – «He knows he can’t compete with Boris’s Oxford team but he has other skills». Of these, in the style of “crossing legs and crossing again” to “distract the prime minister”. basic nature , comments were directed to Angela Rayner, Labor MP, deputy leader of the opposition party, but in one sense it doesn’t matter: in an ideal world, no woman should hear such phrases, no man thinks or articulates them. However, we are not in a perfect world and it explodes like this a storm in Britain The statements on – and this is a serious circumstance – were made by conservative lawmakers who remained anonymous and were reported by a newspaper such as mail on sunday With an article signed by Glen Owen, Head of Policy Sector.

My mistake, Rainer replied yesterday, is to “lay feet and put on clothes”. «Women in politics – he specified – face sexism and misogyny every day. I am no different. She is not alone, if not different, as evidenced by social media and the many outrageous reactions immediately resurfaced by the media: writer Elif Shafaq insists that anyone who attacks a woman by her appearance Accused of “distracting a man”, he is no different from “fundamentalists like the Taliban”. Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon – front page victim of herself in 2017 neverwhere their feet appeared next to the feet of the time Prime Minister Theresa May,
The sentence, between legs, feet and Brexit, under the title “Who’s got the legs-it” – expressed its “absolute solidarity” for the Labor MP and described the article as “the profound problems faced by women everyday.” Reminiscent of evil practice”.

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The Labor Party is furious – below leader Keir Starmer – as well as many conservatives. “Although he does not agree with Angela Renner on almost any political point – he emphasized Premier Johnson
– I respect him as an MP and I think the misogyny directed at him anonymously is reprehensible ». His intensity waned when he proved to be on par with Nadine Dorries, Minister of Culture, Information and Sport. Tory MP Robert Buckland said, “I don’t think an article like this would be acceptable in 1922, let’s just leave it alone.”

It’s not just the reference to the movie with Sharon Stone — by the way, the same actress has said in the past that the famous scene in which she crosses her legs was made without her knowing — that makes the article. Match Case. The newspaper recalls that Rainer dropped out of school at age 16 because she was pregnant, that she never attended university, that she worked as a caregiver, that she was divorced and hard working class. Correct description, but perhaps unnecessary in an article that ultimately avoids mentioning that the premier had multiple wives, an unknown number of children or, at the very least, that he violated the law during the lockdown. « I have never hidden my past and am proud to be where I am – outlined Rainer -. A journey for which I fought a lot.

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