Cyberpunk 2077 has big problems on PS4 and Xbox One

Cyberpunk 2077 has big problems on PS4 and Xbox One

Expected Open World RPG from CD Project Red, Cyberpunk 2077, Is now in the hands of the public – and players are logging in to find a highly unrivaled experience on the last pay-per-view console.

Clips featuring barriers, frame rate issues, major pop-ups and more have gone viral on social media, though this is not clear. Cyberpunk Players are trying the game with zero patches of the day. After all, some fans found the game early by similar methods Changing the time zone of their console. Developers CD Project Red says that, if You have already loaded this game, Then there’s a patch from the day before you boot on the go. As the launch night unfolded, more footage emerged than repetitions of similar problems.

Polygon saw over two dozen livestreams showcasing base PS4 and Xbox One gameplay, beaver versions of each console, and we watched A number of crashesMash gameplay, freeze, wonderfully geometric NPC and more. While some of the most visible ones on social right now show fans who Days don’t play with a patch, Seems widespread on the technical swing of some varieties or others All Versions of older consoles based on what we saw on platforms like Twitch and YouTube Live.

For fans who are trying out the game on PC, meanwhile – especially the top line non-line rigs – based on what we can see on livestreams, the far ring looks exactly right. At least, compared to the older pay generation of consoles. There are reports that trees and shrubs appear to be clipping from objects on the PC, but it seems so Updating your drivers Will take care of this issue. But there are still fans who say, Also on PC, Things are not Always running Easily.

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Early reviewers, it is worth noting, were all given the PC code of the game. While some reviewers have found obstacles, most reports have not noticed anything at the level of what is currently being shared on social media. During an Xbox One stream, Poligan saw a player complain because a car was nowhere to be seen, causing them to crash. Another player had to restart the game after the Xbox One tried to move fast through the conversation – which happened more than once during the broadcast. The game seems to struggle the most when running during open-world segments.

Having said all this, not all the obstacles that fans are experiencing right now are game-breaking. Curiously, some fans are finding that there are sometimes infamous penis models Clip through your character’s clothes. (NSFW warning at that link!)

Still, the problem is so big that in short order, the gaming community has turned it all into a meme. Fans in the format upload images of PS1, PS2, or N64 games with strong viral language used to criticize the console version. Cyberpunk. Instead of despair, some players have decided to embrace the dark humor of trying to run a new game on a 7 year old console.

CD Project Red did not respond in a timely manner to the release. Before the release, the studio is reported to have passed Extensive crunch time, Even then Frequently promising That it will not force its workers to do so.

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