Daniel Defoe Roman: Wo Lag Robinson Crusoes Insel? – Politics

  Daniel Defoe Roman: Wo Lag Robinson Crusoes Insel?  - Politics

Of the countless large and small islands in the world, there are three that almost everyone can name: Treasure Island, Easter Island, and Robinson Island. The former and the latter are purely poetic inventions, with only Easter Island an actual island in the Pacific. It is so lonely and so far off the coast of Chile that for more than three thousand miles, only long-term waves of the Pacific Ocean.

The culture of Rapa Nui, which is still steeped in mystery, its magnificent giant Mui statues were born with it. Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson invented the island of our dream treasure so intensely and accurately, based on the maps he drew that it became one of the best adventure and pirate novels ever made.

However, the island, which became an example for all lonely islands as moral character, a school, an educational development of its own character, is one on which the English merchant’s son Robinson Crusoe was once stranded and survived. Had to help there. Also that he behaves as a kind of potential colonial ruler when working with Swadeshi Fridays is another story.

Daniel DeFay was the name of the genius creator of this involuntary sermon on a foreign island where he had to live alone and know himself in 28 years. Robinson Island became an educational island for its century and again in the 19th century. There were countless adaptations for youth in almost all languages ​​and so that they could study and pursue their virtues using the example of Robinson, who was honest and self-adapting.

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But was there a model for the island, or is it a fantasy like Stevenson’s Pirate Paradise from the 19th century? It has always affected youngsters at least, if it has not inspired them much more jungle than Robinson Island.

Daniel Defe, a businessman with travel experience in France, Italy and Spain, also saw himself as an enlightened intellectual. This is illustrated by his essays and critical writings of economic policy, religion and culture, of which an attack against the Anglican Church temporarily led him to prison. To save himself from financial ruin, he worked as a journalist after his release and published the magazine between 1703 and 1714 the review outside.

Daniel Defe received for which the novel was only 50 pounds

It was not until late, however, that he wrote his first novel, which appeared when Defoe was 59 years old: “The life and strange and surprising adventures of Robinson Crusoe, a sailor who lives on a deserted island off the coast of America.” But lived alone for twenty-eight years. Near the mouth of the great Orinoco River, ashes were swept away by a shipwreck that killed everyone but him.

With a record of how he was oddly freed by pirates. Written by himself. “When it was published it was 50 pounds and Defoe was only marginally included in other editions.

Behind Robinson’s literary fate, however, is one more real, which flickers through the time of its creation: the story of the Scottish sailor Alexander Selkir (1676–1721), who actually lived on the coast between 1704 and 1709, for four and a half years. Juan Fernandez lived on the island. Chile had to live on, intentionally left behind by its own people, as Selkirk was a quarrelsome bully who would capture anything and everything.

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The private and future governor of the Bahamas, Woods Rogers, took Selkirk on board in 1709. Hermit almost forgot how to speak. Unlike Gabby, preaches and advises Robinson!

In 1712, Rogers published his memoir “A Voyage Around the World”, in which he told the story of Selkirk. This text and another Selkirk story were recorded in Irish writer Richard Steele and in his magazine in 1713 English Published, could inspire Defoe for his Robinson. It is even said that there was an unrelated meeting between him and Selkirk.

As it may: Today the island, which until 1966 was called Isla Mus a tierra, is not the name of Selkirk, an island close to the mainland, but of the fictional Robinson. Instead, a much further west, mostly uninhabited island, which Selkirk never had, is named after him.

In 2010/11, Andreas Meath and Hans-Rudolf Bork, the university’s geo-archaeologists at the Institute for Ecosystem Research Institute of Kiel, who are doing research on Isla Robinson Crusoe, proved that Alexander Selkirk’s island was wrong in the days What was allegedly testified to. In 2005, David Caldwell and Daisuke Takahashi were certain that they had discovered their camp on the hill at an altitude of 300 meters during their excavation expedition in search of Selkirk remains. Among other things, he received part of a compass that Selkirk may have.

But nail scientists established that these alleged remains of Selkirk belong to a Spanish base. The cave on the beach, in which Selkirk had initially taken refuge, is likely to be very much blown into the rock by English sailors.

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So if you really want to know Robinson Island, you have to dive into Defoe’s novel. Then he will definitely discover this unique island in his imagination.


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