Diplomats refused to enter China because Kennedy was in espionage case

Diplomats refused to enter China because Kennedy was in espionage case

Kovrig is one of two Canadians detained since 2018, following the arrest of Huawei CEO Meng Wenzhou in Vancouver, who is currently fighting to extradite him to the United States, where he was imprisoned on Iran The alleged violation of the sanctions has been called for. Canadian Michael Spotter on Friday He was tried in Dandong, northeast China. They were tested behind closed doors and lasted only two hours.

Kovrug, a former Canadian diplomat who has worked with the International Crisis Group (ICG), has been accused by Chinese authorities of “stealing sensitive information and information through contacts in China since 2017”, while Spavor , Has been accused of focusing on North Korea. Providing intelligence to the covariate.

The spar trial came at a time when US and Chinese officials exchanged harsh criticisms of the inauguration of a diplomatic summit in Alaska, the first time high-level diplomats in both countries have met the President of the United States. Biden took over.

Both Washington and Ottawa have repeatedly called for the release of the covariate and spawners, condemning their detention, calling them political and arbitrary.

Talk to reporters outside the courtyard Canadian Charge d’affaires Jim Nickel on Monday accused China of violating international treaty obligations to prevent consular officials from gaining access to its citizens.

He said, “Michael Covrig has been detained for two years now, and he has been arbitrarily detained, and now we see that the judicial processes themselves are not transparent, and we are very upset about this , “He said that admission was denied because of this. this. The so-called question of national security ”.

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Nickel thanked the other diplomats for their solidarity with Canada. He said that on Monday there were about 28 representatives from 26 different countries outside the intermediate court number. 2 in Beijing, “who have expressed their voice for the immediate release of Michael Covrue”.

Reuters included the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic among countries in which diplomatic representation was out of court.

These diplomats and journalists were welcomed to the large presence of police. Journalists at the scene said that there were repeated attempts by diplomats to enter the building before the trial began.

Following Spafour’s speedy trial on Friday, the Dandong court said in a statement that it would “later serve a sentence in accordance with the law.”

Relatives and acquaintances of the two Canadians described were in poor condition and external contact was denied. Almost all personal consular visits of foreign prisoners in China have been temporarily halted since last year Pandamia in coronavirus, With diplomats who can only talk to detainees over the phone.

Kowrigue and Spoer were accused of espionage last year, with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau condemning the “political” nature of his case, saying his detention was “a decision made by the Chinese government and we condemn it” We do”.

The conviction rate in Chinese courts is over 99%, and observers say the release of the two may now hinge on a diplomatic solution, perhaps after a face-saving sentence and a lengthy prison sentence.

Trudeau repeatedly refused to consider any exchanges with Meng, whose arrest worsened relations between Ottawa and Beijing. Last month, Canada’s parliament passed a non-binding resolution accusing China of genocide Against Muslim minorities in the western region of Xinjiang, which has further strained relations between the two countries.


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