Divyang will no longer have to pay tourism tax in the capital

Divyang will no longer have to pay tourism tax in the capital

Green light on behalf of the Council and the competent commissions for a resolution to revise the regulation of the residence tax, which exempts people with severe disabilities from payment, as also requested by the Capitoline Assembly. With this provision, a one-time contribution towards housing facilities has also been established for the purpose of offsetting the interchange charges relating to collection of stay tax from electronic transactions. In any case, the contribution cannot exceed 1.5% of the amount collected and paid to Roma Capital.
“With this resolution, we are meeting a specific request from trade unions – explained Mayer Roberto Gualtieri – Both by adopting regulation to exempt people with disabilities, and by supporting companies in costs related to electronic payment of tourism tax. Tourism – the mayor concluded – is recovering and it is our duty to keep up with the companies that have suffered the consequences of the pandemic in recent years”.

Respected councilors remain optimistic

“Tourist attendance has returned to pre-Covid levels – explained the councilor for tourism to major events, fashion and sports alessandro onoratoThank you above all for investing in a new way of promoting the Eternal City in the world: welcoming, supportive and inclusive. This provision is part of initiatives that we have undertaken to revamp and support the entire region, which is a strategic asset of the city’s economy. Returning to host great sporting, fashion and culture events and great live music festivals, we have returned to Rome, which it deserves internationally”.
“We block two issues that we consider fundamental – the deputy mayor and councilor for the budget. Sylvia Scozzi – From discounting disabled people to responding to operators in order to neutralize the cost of card transactions, and on the other hand strengthening the fight against tax evasion and our collection capacity “.

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