Do ski lifts open? Not from scientific committee • News agenda

  Do ski lifts open?  Not from scientific committee • News agenda

ROME – Advisor to the Minister of Health, Walter Ricciardi, has called for a re-evaluation to reopen the ski jet. Scheduled for tomorrow Monday 15 february a Bardonecchia A for 20 Sestriere. Thus a solemn announcement is made on the reopening scheduled for tomorrow. In light of “Epidemiology changed“It is read,”Due Wide spread of viral variants “of viruses”. “Conditions do not currently exist for the release of existing prevention measures, including the hypothesis of an amateur skiing arena.”“. This is what the Technical Scientific Committee answered to the request of Health Minister Roberto Sprenza. Of “Assures the existence of conditions for the reopening of skis “, referring to the political decision maker assessing the adoption of any more drastic measures“. This is how the Scientific Technical Committee expressed its opinion on the opening of the plants, however, a political decision was not mentioned.

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Honorable Announces Daniela Ruffino, Deputy of Foza Italia. “24 hours after the announcement of the reopening of ski lifts, yet another Scottish shower has come with a ban on reopening from the Technical-Scientific Committee. This confirms the total absence of any scheme by the CTS itself and by the concerned ministries. With the result of adding considerable economic losses to all operators in the sector. From hotels to ski lift managers, ski schools to business. Because the pending spending on each of these subjects has been announced until February 15, the date of the re-announcement. Serious planning avoids waiting.

However, much more serious would be to declare that the ski season is for this year and that an adequate snack policy is planned. Everyone understands the need to stem the spread of the epidemic, with a virus becoming more aggressive in its variants. But likewise, the need of those sectors such as ski sectors that are planning and investing should be understood. If the lack of refreshing points is added to the costs incurred to reopen, it is easy to imagine how bankruptcy is a solid possibility for many companies.“.

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