Edinburgh: what to see in the charming Scottish city

Edinburgh: what to see in the charming Scottish city

EdinburghIt must be said, it is a city full of charm. The capital of Scotland is steeped in a uniquely lush nation known for its spectacular scenery, pristine wilderness and great culture. Edinburgh – original name – waiting to be discovered and never disappoints its visitors. Crowned by great palaces outlined by Gothic architecture and an atmosphere that resembles something from a nineteenth-century film, the Scottish city is both romantic and gloomy. Let us see what to see in Edinburgh on your next trip.

what to see in edinburgh

Would you like to visit Edinburgh? You are spoiled for choice. In Edinburgh, there are places of interest on every street corner. You too can simply get lost in its alleys and enchant yourself with what you find. But if you want to make sure you take the perfect photos of an Edinburgh home, here’s what you can’t miss.

  • Edinburgh Castle It is one of the oldest buildings in Edinburgh, Scotland and perhaps the whole of the United Kingdom, as well as one of the most famous. Looking at the map of Edinburgh in hand you can see that the building is standing right Castle Hill, and has been improved many times over the centuries. Among its most beautiful sights we recall the Great Hall and the Crown Jewels, without forgetting the Stone of Destiny, on which the kings of Scotland were crowned. A film by the world’s most famous magician, Harry Potter, was also filmed at this location.
  • Holyroodhouse’s Palace The Scottish residence of the Queen of the United Kingdom. Its story is interesting; The royal assassinations were carried out inside this palace. Strolling through the large ceremonial halls, you can find antiques from rulers of all times in every corner.
  • On the other hand, the modern structure of Scottish Parliament, Made of steel, oak and granite, the grand Scottish structure continues to divide lovers of modern architecture and those who argue that Edinburgh’s beauty is influenced by the building in some way.
  • Writers like Edinburgh have some fascinating implications for the city such as Writers’ MuseumDedicated to Robert Burns, Sir Walter Scott (author of Ivanhoe) and Robert Louis Stevenson, who probably took inspiration from the gray environment of the city to write “Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”, but also other contemporary writers of Scottish origin.
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what to do in the evening

But a vacation isn’t just history and castles. Certainly while visiting Edinburgh and other cities in Scotland, you will have some free time to enjoy. Those who love nightlife and university life will find themselves at ease Grassmarket, Old Town Square. Today, this square with a dark history houses the old buildings of West Bow, beautiful Victoria Street with its shops, many restaurants and distinctive pubs.

Itinerary Scotland’s must-see historical centers; Some even date back to 1500.

Capital of Scotland: Where is Edinburgh Located

Edinburgh is located in relation to which country’s capital? it is based in the south of scotland, not far from the border with England; are located less than 80km from Glasgow, the second most important Scottish city. So it is worthwhile to visit both during the same journey.


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