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editorial – The numbers speak for themselves! Epidemic resurfacing, Two years of vaccines, masks, sanitizers and distancing were not enough to keep Covid-19 at bay. Undoubtedly, if all these health tools were not implemented, the situation would have become more serious, but the fact is that the virus cannot be kept away.

The damned is rampant and in Veneto alone we already have about 200 people in intensive care. We have recently entered the Yellow Zone and if the transition maintains this momentum, next week we can risk going orange.

a hopeless state of affairs also because one’s belief is A disconnect between the reality of institutions and ordinary peopledaily life of citizens. Those who rule start proclamations on defense of mediocrity but have a surprise, Which is common?

To give a concrete example, only in schools in the province of Treviso, we have over 600 classes with positive students! I repeat, over 600: HUGE! It means that if there are 25 children/adolescents in a class, 15,000 families under restrictions to contain pandemic, And each of these families has relatives, acquaintances, friends …

In short, COVID is raging and it cannot be otherwise. Just leave the house and go to see the city center (in any of our provinces or the rest of Italy) A bunch of people busy with errands, Christmas shopping or “spritz time” with friends. Yes, now everyone (or almost everyone) wears a mask outside too but the distance is maintained? Are the behaviors always alert? Month?

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There is also a note in this increase positive and disturbing at the same time: not come yet Omicron version, which has the privilege of a formidable infectiousness.

Given the pressure of Covid-19, before the most permeable version ever between head and neck, would it be possible for a good soul to take adequate and effective measures? Or will we continue to vehemently defend a mediocrity that is now invisible to all?

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