Election, Pope’s appeal: “In politics we need civic responsibility. In this century, Italy has twenty governments”

Election, Pope's appeal:

“Responsibility. Civic Responsibility”. It is an appeal Pope Francesco addressed to the Italian political forces in the wake of Election Of September 25, At the press conference on the return flight from a trip to Canada, Bergoglio also answered the question of what kind of government collapse he experienced. Mario Draghi, “First – the Pope explained – I do not want to be involved in Italian internal politics. Second: one cannot say that the President dragons was not a man high quality international, He was the president of the bank (European Central, EdHe has had a good career. I asked a colleague just one question: Tell me how many governments wasItaly in this century? He told me winds, This is my answer.” Main theme of Press conference was envisioned Resignation Pope in view of the persistent problem in his right knee which he now imposes on him for months mainly to move forward wheelchair, “I don’t think – said Bergoglio – that it can go with the rythm of previous visits. i believe mine age And with this range I have to save a little bit to be able to serve church, Then, conversely, I can think of the possibility make me differentThis, honestly, isn’t a DestructionYou can change the pope, you can change, no problem. But I guess I have to limit myself a bit with these Attempt, surgery to Knee Wrong, in my case. Technician says yes, but anesthesia has all the problems, suffered ten months ago more than six hours after anesthesia And there are still marks. You don’t play, you don’t mess with itfainting, That is why it is believed that it is not entirely convenient. I’ll keep trying to make gods trips And being close to people because I believe it is one way to serve: proximity, But more than that I don’t want to say, let’s hope,

However, Francesco specified that he never thought about it Resignation: “The door is open, this is the one” alternative normal, but to date i didn’t knock Till this door, I didn’t say I’d go into this room, I didn’t listen to think about Possibility, But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start thinking the day after, right? But this time, honestly, no. this trip was too far testing, It’s true that you can’t travel in this state, you may have to change your style a bit, ReducePay off the debts of the trips that still have to be done, rearrange to, But this is what Jehovah will say. The door is open, it’s true”. bergoglioFurthermore, he insisted that ” Jesuit seeks, finds, does not always, but Near, to do the will of the Lord. The Jesuit Pope should do the same. When Yahweh says, If Yahweh tells you, go ahead; If Yahweh tells you, go ahead; in the corneryou go to the corner”. And he added: “Jehovah can say resign, It is the Lord who commands. One thing from Saint Ignatius, this is important. When St. Ignatius was a triedsick, put him away Prayerbut never got awaytest of conscience, Twice a Day: Look What Happened Inside Me Today Heart, sin or not, but which Soul I was taken today. Our profession Looking for what happened today. If I, it is a hypothesis, I see that God tells me something, that something has happened to me, that I have a Inspiration, I have to make sense to see what Jehovah is asking. It may also be that the Lord wants to send me to the corner, this is what commands, this is the way Religious to live by Jesuitstay in spiritual understanding To make a decision, to choose a course of action, also of commitment. have a conscience key In the business of Jesuits. it’s important. St. Ignatius was very good at this because it was his own experience of spiritual understanding that helped him Change, And spiritual practice is indeed a school of wisdom. Thus the Jesuit must be a sensible person by occupation: sensible circumstances, understanding one’s own conscience, understanding decisions. For he should be open to whatever the Lord asks of him, it’s a little bit of ours. spirituality“. And he added: “I think Servant with the Lord’s habit Jesuit, There is no pope spirituality. He’s not there. every pope Follows his spirituality. think about St. John Paul II He had it with that beautiful Marian spirituality. He had it before and had it as the Pope. Think of the many popes who have furthered their spirituality. sin is not spirituality, it is a WorkOne CelebrationOne Service, Everyone carries it forward with their spirituality, their grace, their loyalty, and even their sins. But there is no papal spirituality. That is why there is no comparison between Jesuit spirituality and papal spirituality, because the latter does not exist”.

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while on his profile heirFrancesco said: “It is a work of Holy Soul, I wouldn’t dare never think, The Holy Spirit knows how to do this better than me, better than all of us. Because it inspires the decisions of the Pope, it always inspires. because it’s alive churchThe Church cannot be imagined without the Holy Spirit, it is He who creates Differencedoes too Noisethink about the morning of Pentecost, and thenharmony, it is important to speak of harmony rather than Unit, Unity yes, but harmony, not as a sure thing. the holy spirit gives you progressive harmony, which goes on. i like what he says st basilo On the Holy Spirit: ipse ex harmony, That is harmony. It is harmony because at first it makes you noisy with the difference of charisma. So let’s leave this work to the Holy Spirit. On my resignation, I want to thank you for a nice article that one of you wrote putting your all Signal Which can lead to discharge and whatever is visible. it’s a good job journalist who then finally gives the opinion, but meanwhile goes to see all the signs, not only Statement, with that underground language that, however, also hints. Know how to read signs or at least make one Effort interpreted that which he or she may be, it is a good job For which I thank you very much.” On the journey Kyiv trying to bring peace In the country, Francis specified: “I said that in Ukraine I would like to go there. Now let’s see what I get when I reach home. In Kazakhstan for a while i’d like to go, this is a cool travelWithout much ado, this is the Congress of Religions. For now everything is left. i want to go in too South Sudan before this Congobecause it’s a journey with Archbishop of Canterbury and with bishop of the church of scotland Cause the three of us retreated together two years ago, and then Congo, but it will be next year, because there is Rainy Season, We see. I have everything good willbut let’s see leg What does he have to say”. Pope, who made one in Canada “atonement shrine”criminalize me for the evil done by so many, as he himself defined it Christians against People of the same place, People of the same area, said what happened in this country “It was massacre”. For a question about the possibility of opening use of contraceptivesA topic that recently resurfaced as the then bishop of Vittorio Veneto, Albino Luciani, spoke in 1968 in favor ofFrancesco specified: “dogma, morality, is always one of a kind Developmentbut in development in the same sense “. And he concluded the press conference by saying: “I would say that the one who transmits the faith is the Church and church is a womanThe church is the bride, the church is not the man, the church is the woman. And we must enter into this idea of ​​the Mother Church of the Women Church, which is more important than any Church imagination male prime minister or any masculine power,

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