England: From masks to passes, these are the new restrictions

Inghilterra: dalle mascherine al pass, ecco le nuove restrizioni

After months of independence, restrictions are back in England as well while Omicron type infections rise – Johnson: “We must go earlier otherwise hospitalizations and deaths will increase” – Epidemiologist Ferguson: “Cases every 2 Will double in -3 days, peak in January”

even in england the era of liberation is all over, The rise of Omicron type infections forced Prime Minister Boris Johnson to deny himself again and declare new restrictions In order to try to stop the spread of the virus. This news has come at a difficult time for the Prime Minister, for whom he has to face a bitter controversy. a party on downing street In December last year, at a time when a new lockdown was imposed on citizens.

Johnson’s Plan B: All Sanctions

“We are not familiar with this yet, but hospitalizations have also doubled in South Africa, so we need to go quickly. In the meantime, You need to get vaccinated as much as you can With the third dose, because they are very effective against Omicron,” Johnson said, hours after Pfizer announced that the dose booster provides effective protection against the Omicron variant.

Introduces the “Plan B” announced by the Prime Ministercompulsory mask From 10 December not only in shops and public transport, but also in indoor places “such as cinemas, theaters and places of worship”. Four weight exceptions: bar, pub, restaurant and gym. However, from Monday 13 December, all workers who have the possibility to do so will have to go back Smart Working. One of the measures that is causing the most discussion – and which is to be examined by Westminster Parliament – ​​relates to the introduction of nhs covid pass, A type of green passé in British sauce. It will be received by citizens who have completed the vaccination cycle and who have done a COVID test, which has resulted in negative. The new passes will be used to enter nightclubs and stadiums and to attend large events such as music festivals. These rules only apply to England, as proof of vaccination is already mandatory in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to enter public places.

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english data

Britain registered for the fourth time in a week on 8 December more than 50 thousand new cases of Covid-19. Infections increased by 11.3% compared to the previous week, while hospitalizations increased by 0.8%. There Variant Omron It has already reached 568 cases, the highest level among European states.

Imperial College London epidemiologist Neil Ferguson told BBC Radio 4 that “very soon, Omicron cases in the UK they will double every 2-3 days“. According to the scientist, it is also likely that it will come soon 2 thousand cases in a day of the new version which “being very contagious, by the end of the year, will also become the flagship version on Delta in the United Kingdom”. peakAccording to Ferguson’s forecasts, “it could happen in January 2022”.

Party in Downing Street

The announcement of the new sanctions represents a serious blow to the reputation of Boris Johnson, who has always been the originator of a policy based on “freedom of choice” and behavior. As if that wasn’t enough, to further complicate things, there have been rumors about an alleged party held in Downing Street in December 2020. The impact of this news was enormous: while citizens were locked in their homes due to another lockdown. The seat of government it was celebrated without regret. Johnson apologizes and announces before the House of Commons open an inquiry on this subject.


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