England vs Scotland: More than a football match

England vs Scotland: More than a football match

England-Scotland. It is much more than a simple football match that will be played between England and Scotland. A match that has a flavor of inner conflict. Scotland, which is part of the United Kingdom, is dependent on Queen Elizabeth II of England. Therefore, the Scottish government is not a fully centralized government, really it depends on london, which has the last resort in case of political decision making. This political dependence on England piqued the Scots, who have long sought and continued to demand independence from the British crown.

England and Scotland: Rivals on and off the pitch

In rugby England and Scotland play in the same union, and although the English remain favourites, Scotland always concerns them. There is a fierce rivalry between the two teams in football as well; It is not uncommon to hear Scottish supporters calling the English “white peacocks” from the stands; Not only for his completely white uniform, but also for the vanity that sets him apart. For Scots who feel more rivalry than others, every game against England, especially in rugby, viene definita “peacock hunt”, a peacock hunt. The current tally in football matches is 48 English wins, 41 Scottish and 24 draws.

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