EU-UK: New customs rules effective from 1 January 2022

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almost a year later Brexit And after a series of postponements, especially because of pressure on global supply chains also due to rising costs of world freight transport, the United Kingdom has officially updated new customs rules For Transport of goods between the European Union and Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales), the rules to be recorded Effective from 1st January 2022,

This has to be known in our country Anita – Confindustria Association that represents road transport and logistics companies in Italy and Europe – which summarized all the main aspects of interest to road transport companies in one circular. Let’s look at them together.

new customs rules

These will be activated from 1 January 2022. full customs control For all goods that are exported from the European Union to Great Britain, or imported from Great Britain into the European Union. This means that from January 1 next:

  • Businesses will not be able to delay the submission of an import declaration for goods entering the UK from the EU. If freight is routed through UK ports they use GVMS (Goods Vehicle Circulation Service)To clear the consignment it is necessary to ensure that the customer company – or any of its representatives – vehicle declares importation before boarding a ferry or shuttle into the EU.
  • All border points in the UK will have to start checking imported and exported goods. Therefore the vehicle will not be able to transit with the goods through the port unless it has cleared customs at the port or has been addressed to Inland Border Facility (IBF) for related investigation.
  • You need to register with GVMS now If you are planning to transport to the UK via GVMS Port from January 1, 2022. Without registration, your vehicle will not be able to board the ferry or shuttle and cross the EU/UK border.
  • Ports using GVMS to handle cargo will be required to link together the references to the previously submitted declaration Unique reference number, called the Goods Movement Reference (GMR), A valid GMR must be presented at boarding for check-in. The freight forwarder usually makes up the GMR, but it can also be done by the carrier’s manager, customs agent or the merchant’s freight forwarder. Only one GMR should be made per vehicle (You can find news on how to get GMR on the British Government website,
  • Drivers carrying goods via Eurotunnel, the Port of Dover or Holyhead may be required to bring their baggage for customs clearance at the UK IBF prior to departure or upon arrival in Great Britain. Drivers need to check their GMR to find out if their luggage needs to be checked. Drivers will be able to check the GMR before getting off the ferry or shuttle, if they have a smartphone with internet access. If not, the driver in charge of the hauler will have to transmit this message to the driver by telephone.
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How to Register for Goods Vehicle Movement Service (GVMS)

From 1st January 2022, if the transporter is not registered in GVMS service, he will not be able to:

  • board the ferry or shuttle
  • EU/UK border crossing
  • clean the goods.

It should be remembered that the carrier’s registration with GVMS on the website Government UK Also worry:

  • An independent driver (owner) who transports goods and takes care of customs procedures
  • A company that subcontracts the collection of goods on behalf of another business
  • A logistics company, in charge of transporting goods and carrying out customs procedures on behalf of another company
  • A large retail business that transports and announces its goods.

In addition, before registering, you must obtain a:

  • Registration and Identification Number of GB Economic Operators (EORI)
  • Government Gateway Account.

Where to get more information

You can speak to a consultant using the live chat feature on the UK Government Transportation website. The live chat service is available in five languages: English, Romanian, Polish, Bulgarian and Hungarian. it is also availableHollier Handbook prepared by the UK Government Which provides the latest guidance on all the steps to be followed for the transport of goods between Great Britain and the European Union.


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