Europa League and Conference League, Best wishes

Europa League and Conference League, Best wishes

“Eintracht” in German means union, or even harmony, in the classic semantic ambiguity of the German language, and was in fact born out of the union of several different teams, which gave life to Eintracht Frankfurt in 1911. had decided. It is difficult to measure the glory of this club for at least half a century, the results of which have been lost in a slew of local tournaments in which Germany was subtly fragmented. Yet 1932 was played in what historians traditionally consider to be the first final in the history of German football, and things happened that could have predicted a century’s future. It is played between Bayern Munich and Eintracht Frankfurt, and Bayern Munich wins 2 to 0. Both teams were arranged in a pyramid.

Leather balls, edged goal posts, high-waisted shorts that fall low on the leg, psychedelic shooting perspective, people cascading over the edge. In general, a Bayern Munich domain.

Bayern Munich thus wins the first national championship, and Eintracht comes second. Bayern Munich would win another thirty times, Eintracht only once, in 1959, and that too would be their only second.

However, in the 1930s, you can imagine that the problems were far more serious. Eintracht Frankfurt’s birth is associated with a portrait of Walther Bensmann, the son of a Jewish banker who learned football in Montreux, during his studies in Switzerland. Back in Germany he founded various things: the Kicker newspaper (still very important today) and the Karlsruhe team, MTV Munich (forerunner of Bayern) and the Frankfurt Kickers, a fundamental element for the birth of Eintracht. Therefore, the club has Jewish roots, and during the Nazis the players were known as shoemakers, as many of them worked at the Schneider shoe factory, whose Jewish owners had to flee during the Nazis.

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And now, the final concert by Lucio Dalla of Montreux.

You can imagine, then, that Eintracht fans were also the most active in remembering the Holocaust and its victims. Initiatives involving the club always start with the fans: laying stones in front of the homes of the victims of Nazism, building a memorial in the stadium dedicated to all the persecuted fans who could not enter matches during the regime. During the Nazis, Eintracht was called “Judenclub,

At the level of support, there will be nothing to add. You already know it has one of the craziest and most hotly organized supporters in Europe: in every away match they physically attack cities, they manage to keep the majority of themselves even inside the Camp Nou. (Perhaps also the fact that Frankfurt is a prosperous city, which was able to buy tickets from members of Barcelona using a perverse mechanism). Yesterday, during the semi-finals, another confirmation of their strength with a dazzling and spectacular choreography – and finally, from South American supporters, with an old-fashioned attack on the field at the end of the match against West Ham.

Eintracht is one of the teams that they do Europa League, they make their mark with some fundamental traits: Central European origins, a team with a great game, open and full of cult players, a warm and unpredictable supporter. Above all: the ability to overturn obstacles. Over the years, Eintracht has done this with ongoing regularity. In 2018/19 the team, which is already made up of some of today’s pillars (Hinterager, Trap, Caustic), defeated Inter and Benfica, only to end up on Sari’s Chelsea, future champions, and only on penalties. . The team was relegated from Basel after the ouster of RB Salzburg last year. This year, however, we really went beyond expectations, beating only those teams in relation to which Eintracht seemed underdogs: Betis, Barcelona and tomorrow West Ham.

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