European 2021: Italy-England and the dividing spirit of London, Rome and Brussels

European 2021: Italy-England and the dividing spirit of London, Rome and Brussels

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On the island, however, it should be noted that anything compact in front of the cheering in support of the whites. According to an online survey conducted by Good Morning Britain, 63% of fans in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland would support Italy. The reasons for this opposition are the same from one nation to another. “Wales has suffered centuries of persecution from England, and Boris Johnson’s government thinks only of us,” said journalist Laura Kemp in the regional newspaper Wales Online. Not to mention those “Neanderthals” who destroy bars, squares and gardens wherever they go, “he said, speaking of English fans, their” arrogance “and” guesses “.

Representing the hearts of critics is “Football is coming home”, the Euro 1996 anthem, now often sung by English fans. As critics say, given England’s repeated failures after winning the 1966 World Cup (again at Wembley), this is an arrogant phrase. ‘Is football coming home? So England will own the game? I don’t think so,” former Scottish international and Liverpool legend Graeme Souness wrote in the Times.

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In short, it is no different if some window in Glasgow, Cardiff, Belfast or Dublin will see some Italian tricolor on Sunday evening. Without forgetting real political support. As did Ogra Sinn Féin via Twitter, Sinn Féin’s youth, the Irish political party of independence, republican and socialist inspiration. In the movement’s official profile, shortly after the Lions’ success over Denmark, which attested to the presence of the Southgate national team in the final of the continental competition, a picture of Italy’s eleven appeared, playing a pre-match at the European Championships. Photo..

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Accompanied by the photo, part of the text of “Bella Ciao”, the popular song of the Resistance, which in recent days has turned into an unofficial anthem for Azuri supporters at the European Championships after being sung by Italian fans. Relaunched by an Arab commentator in a surreal and passionate commentary on the deciding goal scored from a penalty by Jorginho with the Spaniards before the semi-finals.

“One morning I woke up, oh beautiful bye, beautiful bye, beautiful goodbye, bye, bye!” It was read in recent days in the official account of Ogra Sinn Féin with lots of tricolor flags and a reference to the Twitter profile of the organization’s “twin” of young Italian communists. Support is welcome from a football point of view, also considering the movement’s motto: “Teokfed ar la”, a Gaelic phrase translated as “Our day will come”, which has always been the slogan of an Irish independence group that advocates for Ireland. The creation of a single nation between the Republic and Northern Ireland. Phrases that can actually be a good omen for the Azurri in the lion’s den.


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