Farewell to the head of menstrual dignity: the role was assigned to a man

Farewell to the head of menstrual dignity: the role was assigned to a man

There is no peace in the Teesside area. After the Scottish Government enacted a law Historic, pioneer, that guarantees – the first country in the world – Right to free menstrual products In public places, a person was hired for the role of prime minister in this area”Responsible for the dignity of menstruation“Too bad the choice fell on one man. And it has created so much controversy that field working group Forced to remove charge,

Scotland has established free of charge women’s hygiene products in public places by law. This is the first country in the world

Criticisms and suspensions

notion of jason grant This sparked a heated debate online, with critics arguing that the seat should have gone to a woman, The local collective then announced that the role would be closed following “threats and insults” against those involved. Grant was commissioned to collaborate with the group guarantee of rights Legal to free menstrual products in public places, talking to young people and families, in schools, libraries and all meeting places.
Tennis legend Martina Navratilova called the decision to name a man “absurd” as “absurd”, while actress Frances Barber said she was “furious”.
On the other hand, a spokesman for the working group commented on the decision to suspend the office: “It is regrettable that, given the threats and insults targeted at individuals in recent weeks, the role of the regional dignity manager of the period cannot be maintained – he claims -. Will continue to provide support to colleagues and students who have been subjected to personal attacks. Their safety and well being are of primary importance”.

The role of “responsible for the dignity of menstruation”

The team is now evaluatingalternative ways“I have to provide “Critical” Services, The grant was to lead a field campaign in schools, colleges, and the wider community. raise awareness Public opinion on the new law and ensuring that Scottish Government funds were allocated appropriately. Among his duties i. was also discussed menopausal problems, At the time of appointment, the group said Mr. Grant was the most suitable candidate to fill the role. The role was funded by the Scottish Government, which said it was not involved in the appointment. At the time of the hiring, Grant said that being a man would help him “break down barriers”. “Even if they are strictly about women, month I am problem for all”, he added. And he never responded to the criticisms that followed his appointment.

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