Ferrari examples in F1, Brazilian GP. 11 wins for the Red Team, but only one from 2009 to date – OA Sport

  Ferrari examples in F1, Brazilian GP.  11 wins for the Red Team, but only one from 2009 to date - OA Sport

14th of November interlagos the view of the nineteenth will be Round of the 2021 Formula One World Championship. Race will be called from this year Grand Prix of San Paolo purely for local political issues, but in fact it is grand prize of Brazil with a different label. Event often and happily well said ferrari, which, despite not being the most successful team ever, excelled there 1 1 Times. They are no less, considering how the South American’s appointment in 1973 led to the entry into the world championships. Curiously, though, it’s always gone tearing. Years of fat cows were replaced with periods of abstinence.

The first confirmed date of the Scuderia di Maranello is 1976 and bears the signature of Niki Lauda, who, after following his teammate Clay Regazzoni in the first laps, takes the lead and never lets him down to the finish line. The Austrian’s victory opened up a trio of successes for Prancing Horse. In 1977 it imposes itself Carlos Reytman, who manages to get the better of James Hunt’s McLaren after a spectacular duel. is repeated in Argentina 1978, this time beating the competition. Only the context changes, as we are racing in Jacarpagua for the first time. lole So Interlagos manages to excel both in the older version and on the racetrack built near Rio de Janeiro.

Eleven years pass before Lal returns to success. And this 1989 When the “miracle of Jacarpagua” happens. It is the opening race of the Brazilian GP World Championship and is fielding the Ferrari Innovative 640, the first single-seater equipped. semi-automatic gearbox. The novelty, set to replace Formula One in later seasons, however, has not yet taken off and has never covered the distance of a Grand Prix. It happens, for the first time in an endless series of breakups, when it matters the most! Nigel Mansell He thus took advantage of McLaren’s misfortune (Prost finished second with a broken clutch, while Senna was torn apart by a collision at the start) and won his full debut with the Scuderia di Maranello. A year later, on the new edition of Interlagos, it is Alain Prosta To bring Dancing Horse to success. In that 1990 NS Teacher Got their sixth place in Brazil without shining in qualifying. However, on Sundays he races with intelligence and coolness, manages the car as best he can and lets success meet him. The French thus stunned the thousands of spectators who came to appease their arch-rival army, slowed down by a collision with Satoru Nakajima’s dub of Tyrell.

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A couple of then, open another ten-year fast for Ferrari, only to be interrupted in 2000 gives Michael S Schumacher. A formidable challenge with Mika Hkkinen competing with a different strategy comes to an end when the Finn retires due to an engine failure. In this way, the German has a clear path to success. shumi is repeated in 2002, this time at the end of a spectacular one-on-one fight with his brother, Ralph Williams.

Next comes another Scuderia di Maranello. hat-trick Worthy of the 70s after that. In 2006 house statue Felipe Massa He is unmatched and capsizes on a thrilling victory on the day of Michael Schumacher’s retirement, who becomes the hero of a thrilling recovery from last to fourth after running into a puncture. NS 2007 Instead it is an authentic Ferrari apotheosis. Not only does a brace come, but Kimi RaikkonenIn addition to winning the Grand Prix, he became world champion in a sensational comeback over Lewis Hamilton in the last two races. opposite of this, 2008 is the year of most bitter success. pulp dominate the scene, but finishing fifth is enough for Hamilton to win the world title. Britain comfortably manages fourth place, but when it rains only a few short intervals from the end, the unbelievable thing happens. Toyota decided to continue with dry tires and thus, Timo Glock passed in front of Lewis, who slipped to sixth when Sebastian Vettel’s Toro Rosso overtook him on the fourth to last lap. That way Massa would be the champion, but on the last lap, when it rains, Glock is too slow and Hamilton manages to overtake him literally a few hundred meters from the finish line, which would have finished fifth. And with it there was a headline about to take the road to Maranello.

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After that, another sobriety of about ten years is entered at the Ferrari House, which is broken. 2017 by Sebastian Vettel. The German wins the race at the start, decisively bypassing poleman Valtteri Bottas and then eliminating Mercedes.

Finally, it is worth noting “Ghost Victory” NS 1995. Gerhard Berger In third place the checkered passes under the flag, on the lap. However, hours after the GP, Michael Schumacher’s Benetton and David Coulthard’s Williams were disqualified because the fuel taken from their cars before the start did not match the sample previously submitted to the FIA. Both teams immediately appealed. Twenty days later, the Court of Appeal of the International Federation single-handedly decided to rejoin the Germans and Scotsmen in the standings, but denied points to the respective teams in the Constructors’ Championship.

Number of Ferraris in Brazil GP (47 editions)
Wins: 11
2 Carlos Reutmann (1977, 1978)
2 Michael Schumacher (2000, 2002)
2 Felipe Massa (2006, 2008)
1 Niki Lauda (1976)
1 Nigel Mansell (1989)
1 Alain Prost (1990)
1km Raikkonen (2007)
1 Sebastian Vettel (2017)

Pole Position: 7
3 Felipe Massa (2006, 2007, 2008)
2 Rubens Barrichello (2003, 2004)
1 Michele Alboreto (1985)
1 Michael Schumacher (2001)

Fastest Laps: 8
2 Michael Schumacher (2000, 2006)
1 Clay Regazzoni (1974)
1 Carlos Reutmann (1978)
1 Gerhard Berger (1988)
1 Rubens Barrichello (2003)
1km Raikkonen (2007)
1 Felipe Massa (2008)

Podi: 31
1974 Clay Regazzoni (2°)
1976 Niki Lauda (1 °)
1977 Carlos Reutemann (1st), Niki Lauda (3rd)
1978 Carlos Reutmann (1st)
1985 Michele Alboreto (2°)
1988 Gerhard Berger (2 °)
1989 Nigel Mansell (1°)
1990 Alain Prost (1°)
1994 Jean Alesi (3°)
1995 Gerhard Berger (3°)
1996 Michael Schumacher (3 °)
1998 Michael Schumacher (3 °)
1999 Michael Schumacher (2 °)
2000 Michael Schumacher (1 °)
2001 Michael Schumacher (2 °)
2002 Michael Schumacher (1 °)
2004 Rubens Barrichello (3°)
2006 Felipe Massa (1st)
2007 Kimi Raikkonen (1°), Felipe Massa (2°)
2008 Felipe Massa (1°), Kimi Raikkonen (3°)
2010 Fernando Alonso (3rd)
2012 Fernando Alonso (2nd), Felipe Massa (3rd)
2013 Fernando Alonso (3rd)
2015 Sebastian Vettel (3°)
2017 Sebastian Vettel (1°), Kimi Raikkonen (3°)
2018 km Rikkönen (3°)

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Ferrari drivers background in Interlagos
Charles Leclerc
2018 (clean) – 7 degrees
2019 (Ferrari) – Retired (ranked 18th)

Carlos Sainz Jr.
2015 (Toro Rosso) – retired
2016 (Red Bull) – 6th
2017 (Renault) – 11°
2018 (Renault) – 12°
2019 (MC Lahren) – 3rd degree

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