Fifty bagpipes in Andrea Pretic’s Chronicle Villa Gianetti

Fifty bagpipes in Andrea Pretic's Chronicle Villa Gianetti

SARONNO – Roma, in Villa Gianetti via Sala del Bowindo, presented 50 bagpipes from the most famous European countries of the Celtic countries (Scotland, Ireland, France – Auvergne, Limousine, Bretagne -, Iberian Peninsula – Galicia, Asturias). , Castile, Aragon) is the oldest, widespread in Eastern Europe, the former Yugoslavia, the Greek islands.

Naturally well-represented are Italian instruments, extending from north to south across the peninsula, from Val Serina to Brescia, from Ciociaria to Abruzzo and Molise, from Calabria to the major islands.

Mayor Augusto Airoldi, Deputy Mayor and Councilor for Culture and Territorial Marketing Laura Susi and Novella Ciceroni Councilor for Public Works and Urban Decor, Daniele Bassego di Bagpipes, presented the exhibition set up in Villa Gianetti and organized a conference/concert in collaboration. Alberto Musical Association of Sarno.

Sixty-two enthusiasts have heard the history and sounds, music and life of these instruments. Mistakenly considered “poor” and, instead, the result of the experiments and passions of the ancient Romans. For a music that has accompanied traditional and religious celebrations and anniversaries for centuries, that has brought together soldiers of combatants in battle, flocks and herds, which has excited weddings and baptisms with prayer and song.

With Daniele Basego and his colleagues, the public discovered reeds and drones, parchment bags used as skins for wine, and then rediscovered as a sounding board and breather of rhythmic and melodic music. The exhibition, set on the ground floor of Villa Gianetti, can be seen from 12 to 19 December and Daniele Basego will be present to answer questions and make the hall of the villa resonate with the music of the many bagpipes, music and bagpipes on display. ,

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