Fisco, the first two 2020 installments of fiscal peace by August 9

Fisco, the first two 2020 installments of fiscal peace by August 9

The last days to pay the installments of “scraping-ter” and “balance and share” ended in February and March 2020 and are yet to be paid. Payments made up to 9th August will be considered valid, taking into account the possibility given by law to also avail of the relaxation of additional days with respect to the payment deadline fixed on 31st July 2021.

In order not to lose the benefits of the facilitated definition, in fact, the Conversion Law of Sostegni-BIS Decree (Law No. 106 / 2021) provides for the possibility of paying installments not yet paid in 2020 in four months. In detail:

  • installments by 31 July 2021 28 February 2020 (scraping-ter) and 31 March 2020 (balance and part);
  • Installment till 31st August 2021 ends on 31st May 2020 (scraping-ter);
  • Installments (scraping-ter and balances and shares) payable as on 31 July 2020 by 30 September 2021;
  • Installment till 31 October 2021 expires on 30 November 2020 (scraping-ter).

The same conversion law also provides that there is time till November 30 next for payment of installments due in 2021.

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For each time frame, it is possible to pay using the additional 5 days forbearance provided by law.

After the deadline or in case of payment of partial amount, the benefits of the facilitative remedy will cease and the payments already made will be treated as advance on the amount due.

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How and where to pay It is possible to pay at your bank, at ATMs enabled for Cbill payment services, with your Internet banking, at post offices, tobacconists belonging to Banca 5 SpA and through the Sisal and Lotomatica circuits on the portal. and with the Equiclick app through the PagoPa platform. You can also pay directly over the counter but only by appointment to be booked on the website in the “Book Tickets” section. Finally, it is possible to make payments to the public administration by offsetting them with accrued non-determined, fixed, liquid and payable trade receivables (so-called certified credits) for administration, supplies, contracts and services.

Online information and services. Anyone who is no longer in possession of a “Notification of Dues” sent after subscription by the Revenue Agency-Collection in 2019, which includes the details of the amount payable and the payment slip, can request a copy directly on the site, in the pages dedicated to “Scraping-ter” and “Balance and Portion” measures, without requiring a PIN and password, and receive it via email with the relevant bulletin. People having the credentials to access the Reserved Area of ​​the Site (CIE, SID, Credentials issued by Revenue Agency, INS and CNS Credentials) can directly download the document from the Reserved Area of ​​the Site and at the same time with Pay-Online service Proceed with payment. In addition, if you do not intend to pay the due amount in full, you can use the “Accounts TU” service, which allows you to select only certain folders and notices that you actually want to save. Would like to make payment in one convenient form. Contained in “Communications”, recalculate the amount and print new bulletins. On the Agenzia Rescocione website, it is also possible to use the service that allows you to verify the presence between the amounts to be paid in a smooth definition of potentially voidable charges based on the legal requirements set forth by the Sostegni Decree . No. 41/2021) for “right-of-dates”.

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