For Lionel Messi and Barcelona things will never be the same again Ftb .l

NO smile, no handshake and no compromise. Lionel Messi Staying in Barcelona but this is not a happy ending. It’s over, for now, there’s no real closure yet and no one really got what they wanted, maybe not even Joseph Maria Bartome. Sticking to power, he will no longer preside over the departure of the best player in the club’s history, but will also avoid his responsibility for it. His victory, if this was the case, is a hollow. Messi confirmed it.

The prospect of her leaving Barcelona after 20 years was sad and she had been avoiding it for nine months but it was never the worst part. The worst part was that he got to the point Wanted Leave; That things were so bad, so broken, it would turn all this back on. And it remains; It is not determined by Messi, still less by Bartomeu Hyatt. “I wanted to be happy, and I didn’t find happiness at the club,” said Messi.

Doing so can be difficult now; His final decision, taken under knock, he did not deliver. This whole thing was no action: before, during or, most surprisingly, after. It wasn’t a power play, nor was it a push for a new contract. Messi announced that he had been at the club he “loved” but there were no new deals, promises, no, no. Instead, she was sad when she spoke, which she did not on a club channel but on Hours later, the Barcelona website still did not mention it. That should be good news, very good news, but it was not news.

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There was no celebration, just a kind of exhaustion. From Messi, there was a candid honesty, refusing to gloss over this or behaving like everything was fine, their differences resolved. He could have retreated, he could have said he felt the contradiction, he could have asked to draw a line under this whole forgiving story or he could have tried to build a bridge, but he didn’t. He could say it was a moment of madness. He didn’t even do that.

He admitted that he wanted to go and accused Bartomeu of renewing his contract. He said he had been telling Bartomeu all year, that he had thought about it carefully and that his time was up; It was now up to others to handle it. He would also say that he wanted to benefit the club, help them financially but he did not do that either: he insisted that he had the right to withdraw his contract and walk away for free. Only one thing stopped him: the risk of ending up in court. Nothing else

All he had to avoid was a fight, but he didn’t support anything – at least not with the man who was responsible for what was so wrong for that fact. The best part of the breakup is the make-up, but there was no build up with the charge. The day he stopped, away from the peace, there was a statement from his father that he had given Messi the legal right to leave. Sure, the club and their children spoke of love for the revelation of the screams but he would not let the president serve to save or by doing so he welcomed the result.

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Many supporters are with him: Plenty wants him not for his purpose, but a strange event took place in which some of his supporters supported his departure and some of them demanded that he stay. His supporters were sad and hurt but saw other villains and felt he had the right to decide. They would have agreed to listen to her cheerfully explain her decision to stay.

Messi remains, something should be done to thank him, but he did not feel that way. At least not because it won’t hide behind a facade. Sometimes when players get out, they deliver a participatory shot; Honesty was ruthless when Messi went back to him. There is an intrusive split; This was an imaginary connection.

Re-read that sentence: “I’m staying because the president said go is the only way to pay the 700 million clause, which is impossible, [or] The other way was to go to court. ”From the captain of this club.

“No project or anything has happened for a long time. They are doing the act of balancing, going along will plug the hole. ‘

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That approach was also applied to him at the end. He said that, all year long, they ignored him or put him down, then when it came down to it, short-termism took over and he said no.

“I needed him, the club needed him, he was good for everyone,” said Messi, but Bartomeu would not let him go. Or he couldn’t really force her to stop but he did.

Messi is back in training this week. “The truth is, I don’t know what will happen next; There is a new coach, there is a new idea, ”he said. “But I will give my best.” Awaiting him will be fellow players who have remained silent and Ronald Komen, who said: “I just want players who want to stay here and give everything.” Messi wasn’t pretending he was, and things couldn’t really be the same anymore, especially since no one was prepping him. There is no going back, when there is no option but to do exactly that.


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