GDS – Gravina, test of strength against “dissidents”: Only people in Serie A who play the Uphf Cup

GDS - Gravina, test of strength against

The number 1 of the FIGC warns Italian “rebel” clubs, on the day of joining the Ufa executive, with 53 votes out of 55. Infantino: “either inside or outside the system”. La Glegeta dello Sport (signed by Fabio Licari) returns to the Superlega story.

It is not until the end. Half Super League is already disbanded. The fastest tournament in history – a “final” for three days – is no longer scary. But if the English are speaking one good after another, and Barcelona and perhaps Atletico have surrendered in Spain, there are still Real Madrid and three Italian. Hence the strategy of the Ufa response remains in full swing. On the Infantino-Cipherin-Gravina axis. The attack yesterday hurt clubs.

To the “no” of politicians, FIFA president’s very harsh speech was added to fans and players: “either inside or outside the system”. UEFA has offered to welcome returns, but in the meantime prepares an emergency executive for sanctions on Friday. And the unions are ready for an important step: the obligation to participate in the UEFA Cup for those registering for the championship. Clubs cannot do without a league if they want to survive. First committed was FIGC President Gabriel Gravina.

Gravina before the election Gravina won the first match yesterday, joining Ufa executives with 53 votes out of 55. First elected out of eight. Also in front of the confirmed British Vice President David Gill. These months of work, meeting with all 54 unions have convinced voters. It is true that Gravina was protected by the presidential ticket, but such a result was unexpected. Now the first engagement will be Italian and European. A display of strength against Juve, Inter and Milan to close out any Super League and Championship speeches. Along with Gravina, the other Italian in the executive is Aphina Kristilin, a rosy member of the FIFA Council. Yesterday on 22, he outpaced his Scottish rival McAllister with 33 votes: “It means that the work of the first term was praised. I’m happy. It will also be the last, but there is still a lot to do. I would like this story to be reintroduced, because football cannot be a refuge for the rich, but there should be an enjoyment and an enjoyment for all.

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Football Association’s tight fist The fact that the three rebels are on the barricade makes the Gravina project very topical. Leagues are important for clubs, perhaps more than champions. They are worth millions, contained in the area, typhus. Now 55 European Union are ready to insert a principle that actually exists, but not always black and white (because there was no requirement): those who register for the championship, to play the Ufa Cup Must be committed. Otherwise it is out. You cannot be in Serie A and Super League. Gravina proposed it to the Federal Council on Monday, as would other unions unanimously condemning the “Declaration of the Super League” in Congress. A rule that would likely be put down regardless of the insurgents’ project. For the present. And for the future. you never know.

Baby and Results At the beginning of the Congress yesterday, a fatal blow came FIFA President Gianni Infantino said the “total disclaimer of the Super League” is beyond expectations: “FIFA is an organization built on the values ​​of the game and can only strongly condemn the creation of the Super League, some closed, one Exodus Current Football Institute. One has to throw a lot for someone’s short-term financial game. If a few chosen people want to go their own way, they have to bear the consequences. “Infantino’s closure leaves no room for separatists : “Either you’re in or you’re out. You can’t stay halfway, everyone thinks about it”. Those were not clear phrases, someone from UEFA anticipating more “occupationalist” interference. When Ever. Some time ago, it was IOC number one, Thomas Bak, who struck out: “Super League puts sports at risk”.

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Law and precedent Super League lawyers had thought about how to deal with the anticipated Ufa response. The tournament also guaranteed a stronger solidarity than Neon in the 5 wild cards (a condition to declare it in the open and therefore in line with European standards). It was not philanthropy, but the real “judge” of the whole story of what is inevitable for a possible fine from the Commission of the European Union and the Court. The basketball Euroleague exists, with the same punishment on skaters participating in a private competition (even if an appeal is pending), but the question is purely political. Laws are subject to change. And no politician has said himself in favor these days. The risk of losing the European Union and the global opposition has prompted separatists to rethink their positions.

American risk Furthermore, it is not just a question of sharing. Football is at stake here as we know it. The Superlega has more economic interests than the centenary tradition of football, the regulation of which was written in an English inn in the mid-nineteenth century. Apart from Var and Offside. Now we better understand the words of Agnelli, who, as chairman of Eka, complained about the problem among the younger audience: the boys are struggling to follow the 90-minute match. Super League players’ projects have American football with three or four halves, perhaps selling rights for real-time, highlights and last minutes. In short, (still) a total reversal of the most liked game in the world. Seems to have been rejected for the moment.

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