Gerard-Ferguson and Rangers success

Gerard-Ferguson and Rangers success

March 7, 2021 is a date that will always be mentioned in the history of the date Rangers Football Club. After waiting ten years i Teddy bear They are back Scottish champions, coming off a nightmare in which they drowned in 2012, the year of failure for the country’s most successful club. It is the 55th national title for the Rangers, a perfect record among the World Professional Leagues.

Behind all this is the work of one of the greatest football stars of the English Channel: Steven Gerrard. The former Liverpool flag sits on the team’s bench Gers Since 2018, when he took over from Ferryman Grahame Murthy after the disastrous management of Pedro Caixinha. Gerrard managed to return to second place in Scotland from the first season, and even managed to reach the round of 16 of the Europa League in the next one. Till this season’s masterpiece, one truly dominated with the championship and won two months ago.

However, Gerard was not alone in this effort. As reported by daily Mail, Was another star to support and mentor him, perhaps the greatest coach in history: Sir Alex Ferguson. Whatever the sensation, if we consider the sporting relationship that existed between the two before this season: Gerard captain and Liverpool’s flag, Ferguson strategist and Manchester United leader. Antipode’s two most iconic figures of the most-felt rivalry in English football.

“Let me tell you a secret: I had some chats with him (Ferguson, Ed). From the day of my retirement as a footballer, I put my rivalry aside, and they gave me some of their time over the phone So that I can ask him some questions about management at Rangers “ Gerrard said.

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“It was awesome during these chats” Stevie ji continued, “I would like to have coffee with him sometime in the future. He also agrees, and this is fantastic from his point of view because he doesn’t have to give me his time, especially as an opponent. But I think it proves that he is the man: he is not just an iconic coach we all know. “.

(Photo: Martin Rickett, via Onefootball)

It is no surprise that Gerrard sought advice from Ferguson. Sir Alex, Scottish, United before sitting on the bench 24 season He had a past as a footballer, and between 1967 and 1969 he played at Rangers. “He’s doing great” Said the former opponent, also praised the human side: “He’s good at everything on and off the pitch. When you’re a manager, a press conference might cost you your seat, but your seat is great. He’s quiet, he’s composed, he’s Actually one of the best in this art ”.

In any case, mutual respect and support between the two former rivals is not the only curious aspect of the Rangers’ return to victory. As is known, the club has always been a team Protestants of Glasgow, Which contrasts with hating cousins Celtic, The team of Catholics. For decades, both clubs have been clear: one could not play for Catholic Rangers, one could not play for Protestant Celtic.

However, for a few years I Gers They have sidelined this exclusionary policy. The opening has paid off in full: Steven Gerrard, English, yes, but Catholic family, So much so that one of the daughters is called Lourdes. There is more: Gerrard was the flag of Liverpool, whose fans have always been close to Celtic. One of the many stories in the history of this incredible season of Rangers Football Club.

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