Head of technical office suspended after dissolution – Metropolisweb

Head of technical office suspended after dissolution - Metropolisweb

The first earthquake triggered by the dissolution of the municipal administration of San Giuseppe Vesuviano due to Mafia infiltration occurred inside the technical office of the town hall in Piazza Elena d’Aosta: a major area of ​​activity of each municipality. The provision was signed by the minister who ordered the suspension of the head of the technical office, engineer Antonio Rega. A forced moratorium of several months until the following December was followed by the Council of Ministers’ decision to send home the local government team run by Northern League Mayor Vincenzo Catapano. This is the first measure involving a significant municipal official, but it is not excluded that it is the only measure in light of the alarm contained in the report signed by the Prefect of Naples and given in recent months to the Minister of the Interior, Louisiana. Lamorges. The name of Antonio Rega, a very important figure in the organization’s organic plant, is associated with the many projects carried out in the municipal area, which will also be reflected in the relationship that led to the dissolution of the municipal administration of San Giuseppe Vesuviano. The municipal technical office is one of the areas that ended up under the magnifying glass of the prefecture’s 007. The differences between politics and offices, scrutinized by the Access Commission investigators who came to the city a year earlier to verify the interference of organized crime in the affairs of the municipality. A year after that hot July 2021, the debris of the municipality of San Giuseppe Vesuviano remained. The same on whom the prefectural commissioner appointed a month ago after the forced closure of local politics started working. The dissolution of the Mafia infiltration represented a blow – the third in thirty years – to the entire local political class. For those who entered politics for the first time and who have been a part of Council Panorama for years. Time passes slowly and in the old majority of the Northern League mayor Friend Salvini and Giorgetti there are people who are already thinking of “recycling” to the next administration. In the party of the now former First Citizen of Sangiovese, the route of appeal to the Campania Regional Administrative Court is still open. The dismissed tricolor band and its loyalists are ready to challenge the Council of Ministers’ provision and demand an immediate return to the Town Hall. Meanwhile, the effect of the dissolution decree of the Sangiovese administration began to affect the continuation of activities within the municipality: suspension until next December, when perhaps the matter could also be discussed before the TAR regarding the political part. , of the person in charge. This contributed to further crippling the municipal technical office. At the same time the prefectural commissioners – deputy prefects Aldo Aldi and Agnes Scala and retired manager Antonio Scosze – launched a series of investigations into other areas of the town hall, which also ended under the magnifying glass of the access commission. and included in the report that led to the dissolution of the administration due to mafia infiltration.

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