House GOP Leaders ask Pelosi to remove Svelwell from the intelligence committee

 House GOP  Leaders ask Pelosi to remove Svelwell from the intelligence committee
The woman at the center of the operation, Feng Feng or Christine Feng, took part in raising funds for Svelwell’s 2014 re-election campaign and helped put an intern in her office fee. According to Axis.
“I was told about this guy and I offered to help.” Last week, CNN No Jim said to Saito. “Everything I did was cooperative.”

GOPs, including Louisiana Minority Whip Steve Scalis and Wizming Republican Conference President Liz Cheney. The letter was signed by leading members of the House, asking Pelosi to remove Svelwell, as the House’s permanent selection committee handles the most sensitive information.

“We are writing to you today about the concerns of Congressman Eric Sullivan with close contacts with a Chinese Communist Party spy reported recently by Amexis. “However, inadvertently, they may be an acceptable national security risk.” HPSCI handles some sensitive information to our government – information that is important to our national defense. As such, we urge you to urgently rap the House Intelligence Committee. We urge Swalwell to resign immediately. “

The letter was provided to CNN by Cheney’s Office Fees and reported earlier Washington Examiner.

Svelwell’s office did not respond to CNN’s request for comment.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy told Fox News that the issue came just days after Svelwell was removed from the committee.

The Republic of California said last week, “I didn’t know about this but this goes deeper than this; the Intel Committee is different than any other committee,” the Republic of California said last week. “This person should not be on the Intel Committee. He is endangering national security, what is being said in those meetings inside the SCIF that you do not want to hear or hear from others.”

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Pelosi defended Svelwell at his news conference last week, telling reporters that House leaders have known about trying to influence officials, including Svelwell, for five years.

She said she had been sitting on the information since 2015 and was now trying to “deflect” it by trying to raise the issue with MC.

“I have no worries about Mr. Svelwell,” the California Democrat said last week. “In the spring of 2015, the House and Committee leadership was informed that members of Congress were being beaten by a Chinese man; when it was reported to members of Congress, it was over.”


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