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Like a moving human tide, thousands of people march along designated paths near Buckingham Palace to a mega-screen set up in Hyde Park, where volunteers crowd after public areas to join the procession of Elizabeth II’s funeral and its aftermath. are directing. Dubbie Banfield from Scotland this morning in London: “I wanted to be there. It’s a momentous moment for me and the country. I know nothing but Queen Elizabeth, it will be very difficult to get used to her absence”.

Meanwhile, even bars and restaurants have put up screens outside and there is no shortage of people – judging by the crowd – to ‘content’ with them and stop by. Sophia is half French but lives in London: “She was a model of unparalleled dedication. She never stopped working, she never took a sabbatical. About figures like these, only the Dalai Lama and Mother Teresa in mind come – she says. – and it is important for the younger generation as well. His work ethic is unique. He is a model and you feel, apart from the affection, how much respect he generates”.

Coleman-Cook arrived from Kent this morning: “Of course it’s okay to follow on the big screen as well – she explains – the important thing for us is to be here. Look, this is a historic moment and an irreplaceable moment to share”. The sound of sirens is heard for a moment in the distance, but in these streets it is the first to resonate for hours.

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