In Scotland they cheer for Italy: “Mancini’s last hope”

In Scotland they cheer for Italy:

The independence newspaper ‘The National’ published Mancini on the front page in the Braveheart edition: Scotland support Italy against England.

“Save us, you are our only hope” . This is the appeal of Scottish independence newspaper ‘The National’ Italy and their technical commissioner Roberto Mancini. looking at the final euro 2020 in between National And England , scheduled for tomorrow evening a wembley, NS Scotland openly takes sides in favor of. azuri ‘.

The newspaper published a photomontage of mancini in version William Wallace , played by the character Mel Gibson In ‘ breave heart ‘, and a Scottish national hero.

“We ‘they’ couldn’t stand another 55 years of boasting” We read in the opening. The reference is to the victory of the only international tournament by the national team of the Three Lions, namely i. world Cup Played at home in 1966.

that of yesterday wembley It seems to be becoming more and more of a challenge that has gone far beyond the sporting aspect. The Scottish people know this very well, and are ready to support Roberto Mancini’s Italy and its Boys in the final act. Euro 2020.

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