Indeed, masks can protect the wearer

Indeed, masks can protect the wearer

Now, the growing body of science suggests that by wearing a mask to prevent the virus from spreading, you too can protect yourself. It is further evidence that knowledge of the mask, and its benefits, is constantly evolving – as the epidemic is more widely understood.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention publicly acknowledged that, for the first time, a Scientific Bulletin This week posted on its website that “the benefit of masking is taken from a combination of resource control and personal protection for the mask wearer.” The mask is not completely selfless or selfish – it helps everyone.

John Brooks, Chief Medical Officer of CDC Corona virus In response, the Washington Post told the Washington Post that this is urgently needed, as widespread wear of face masks could help prevent the need for a national lockdown.

The CDC published this scientific summary to correct what the agency saw as a “summary of powerful scientific evidence demonstrating the benefits of masking.” The bulletin signals the beginning of renewed pressure from the agency to speed up public communication as infections increase. The highest leveln Many U.S. Regions. The agency is now updating all its communications about masks to include new information.

Broads said the CDC cannot impose an order, the agency wants the mask to “make people better for them.”

The new document seeks to hang an inspiring carrot of information in front of the public: a “potentially complementary and possibly coexistent” relationship exists between controlling the source of infection for others and protecting oneself, the agency said. Put another way, the more people in the community wear masks, the greater the personal benefit.

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The mask creates a barrier that allows someone to breathe, talk, Sings Or cough. Released a study Last week Showed that, in experimental conditions, a simple fabric mask blocked about three-quarters of the particles exhaled by cough volunteers.

It was also a logical hypothesis for researchers to investigate, as masks can also block incoming particles. And laboratory tests in recent months have shown that the mask can filter out the types of incoming particles capable of carrying the virus.

The CDC official added that personal protection is not perfect for the mask wearer. “The real benefit comes when we all do the same, in the same way we bring down the viral burden of Covid-19 in communities,” Brooks said.

In the nine months since the virus hit the United States, the CDC has come under increasing criticism that its guidance on mask safety has not been clear enough because it has confused scientific data with concerns about the availability of masks.

During the first wave of the epidemic, surveys have indicated that A majority of both Democrats and Republicans Masks were worn, although Democrats were more. But few Americans were highly skeptical. The protest became so clear in the summer that fake “Mask Mukti” cards with stolen labels were sold in online shops. Image of the Department of Justice, By the hundreds.

By midsummer, Republican members of Congress were encouraging Marking the face ings. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Key) said in late June that putting on a mask was the “most important thing you can do until the vaccine is available.”

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But President Trump rarely insisted that Americans wear them. He always described the mask as an alternative and, once misleading, “Double-edged sword“Because people touch the fabric and then their face.

Images covering the president’s face were rare until he tweeted a photo of himself in a mask in July.

“Overall, this seems like a win in terms of messaging that will appeal to Republicans.” Catherine White, Specializes in consumer behavior at the University of British Columbia. He said this was due to the fact that Rs Inspired Through personal responsibility to take care of yourself.

Brooks, who oversaw the publication of the new bulletin, said a lengthy investigation was under way to ensure there was an explanation on the best evidence. In this case, laboratory, epidemiological and population-based studies, all showed “very significant benefits” from wearing a mask, he said.

Scientific thinking about masks developed in the United States amid epidemics. Monica Gandhi, an infectious disease specialist at the University of California, San Francisco, said that higher facial features suggest that “calculating more than one level, and ‘electrostatic filtration’, like surgical masks, provides the best protection.”

Gandhi said, “Messaging that allows people to know that masks protect you, as well as others, will be more powerful to convince skeptics that masks are important in public places to spread the Kovid-1 and slow down the disease.” ‘

Possibly covering some, but not all, incoming viral particles – which are masks are also less obvious, can also reduce the severity of the disease. Sep In September, Gandhi and his UCSF ally George R. Ford suggested a dose of the virus that could affect the severity of the disease. Scientists say facial inks can filter out enough drops that in some cases can lead to asymptomatic or mild illness – and lead to a slight immunity.

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Oct. On July 23, a group of other leading experts, including Angela Rasmussen of Columbia University and Saskia Popescu of George Mason University, argued in a letter to the editor that science is primitive and that it is only a hypothesis that mask-wearers breathe a little. There is a virus.

The CDC did not pay attention to this principle Bulletin issued This week. The agency stressed that this update does not reflect a change in the agency’s recommendation to wear a mask.

“Our guidance is still the same,” Brooks said. “This is more information in support of this, and it highlights that there is personal security that we want to ensure people are assured.”


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