IT spoke to #ALMANACCO on 10 March

IT spoke to #ALMANACCO on 10 March

Church celebrates today, March 11 San Benetato of Milan., the bishop
1161 – Attack on Palermo’s Royal Palace and the liberation of King William I of Sicily, held hostage for two days by a group of conspirators
1513 – Election of Pope Leo X
1649 – The Fronde movement and the French government sign the Peace of RĂșil
1818 – Mary Shelley Pubbellica Frankenstein.
1824 – US War Department created Bureau of Indian Affairs
1861 – American Civil War: Constitution of Confederation of American States adopted
1864 – The Great Sheffield Flood: one of the largest disasters ever in England, killing more than 250 people in Sheffield
1900 – Boer War: Peace festivals of Boer leader Paul Krueger were rejected by Lord Salisbury, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
1917 – Baghdad comes under the control of Anglo-Indian Force, which was commanded by General Maud.
1936 – British Prime Minister pardons five Irish prisoners who promise to join the escalating battle against Germany.
1978 – Palestinian terrorists kill 34 Israelis on Tel Aviv-Haifa highway
1985 – Mikhail Gorbachev becomes the leader of the Soviet Union
1990 – Lithuania declares itself independent of the Soviet Union
1993 – Janet Reno was confirmed by the United States Senate and sworn in to become the Attorney General of the United States the next day.
1996 – John Howard becomes the 25th Prime Minister of Australia.
2000 – Joris Varkamen is elected Old Catholic Archbishop of Utrecht
2003 – International Court of Justice established in The Hague.
2004 – Spain: A series of train attacks shocked Madrid. The number of victims is 191 dead and around 1,500 injured.
2011 – A 9-magnitude earthquake on the Richter scale, Sendai, Japan, develops a tsunami with 10-meter waves that destroy the coast for several kilometers
2018 – A tourist helicopter falls in the East River in New York: five tourists die; The pilot was injured

European Union – European Day of Victims of Terrorism


Douglas Adams (1952) – British science fiction writer, screenwriter and comic writer
Franco Basaglia (1924) – Italian psychiatrist and neurologist
Didier Drogba (1978) – Ivorian Footballer
David Lachepel (1963) – American photographer, artist, director
Sandra Milo (1933) – Italian actress
Nicole Minetti (1985) – Italian show girl and politics
Rupert Murdoch (1931) – Australian businessman
Astor Piazzolla (1921) – Argentine composer
Kochi Ponzoni (1941) – Italian actor and comedian
Sidney Sonino (1847) – Italian Politician
Torcato Tasso (158) – Italian poet

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Edmundo de Amicis (1908) – Italian writer and pedagogy
Alexander Fleming (1955) – Scottish scientist, Nobel Prize winner
Ole Kirk Christiansen (1958) – Danish inventor of Lego bricks
Slobodan Milosevich (2006) – Politico Serbo

Today we will take you to that quest, if needed, a great key from Bandonen

Ester Pantaleon Piazzolla ()Mar del Plata, March 11 1921Buenos Aires, 4th of July 1992) there was one musician, musician I Arranger Argentina.

Reformer of Tango And avant-garde instrumentalist, he is considered the most important musician in his country and in general the most important 20th century; Author of several collaborations with a wide variety of artists (including fellow countrymen) Amalita Balatar I Lalo Shifrin, To Jazzman America Gerry mulligan And what about those people Italian, Tulio di piscopo, Pino Presti And singer Meena, Introduce you I Eva Zanichi) Belongs to. To mix Tango And was the catalyst for heavy criticism of Jazz New tango By the purists of the genre who defined it Tango killer (Assassin of tango).

He is the author of several instrumental and vocal pieces, the most famous of which are mentions Libartango, Goodbye nonino, Maria from Buenos Aires (In the voice of milves), SummitFrom the album Summit-reunion combre (con Gerry Mulligan).

Mar del Plata, His hometown, in 2008, naming him, paid tribute to himair port.

Vicente Piazzolla (called “Nino” by Astor’s children) was born to parents of Italian descent, a fisherman who came from Argentina Trani, in Puglia, And Assunta Manetti, whose family came from Massa Sacorso, fraction of Villa Collemandinain To grunt, Tuscany. Only recently, on May 18, 2012, on the threshold of commemorating the 20th anniversary of the death of Astor Piazzulla, the Argentine painter and founder of the Latin American House, Ofelia Lachner managed to find documents in a mosque susorso. Of Villa Colimendina in Garfagana Luchez, attesting to the birthplace of the great musician’s ancestors.

Only baby, in 1925 Moved with family New York, Where he lived until he was 16 years old.

Known as his native land Great astor cat ()cat, For his skill and ingenuity), is considered among the most important tango musicians of the second half of the twenties (Carlos Gardel Most important in the first half). He was a controversial figure, politically and politically, towards Argentina.

His music has been praised Europe And in North America He brought this traditional music form to his country and before the revolution, essentially, aligned him with those who wanted to make other changes in Argentine society.

New tango Piazzolla differs from traditional tango because it contains elements taken from the music Jazz And uses dissonance and other innovative musical elements; Piazzolla also began, beginning with “Conjunto Electronic”, using devices not used in traditional tango such asHammond organ, To flute, To Marimba, To Electric bass, To The battery, To Collision, To electric guitar. With this organic, in May, supplemented by string section 1974, One realized Milano Unabated Libartango, One of his best records. The orchestra, composed of Italian composers, included two of the most acclaimed artists of the period, who later accompanied them in other important musical feats: Pino Presti Electric base on e Tulio di piscopo For the battery.

Piazzol formed several groups, including 1946 “Orchestra”, in 1955 L ” Octo Buenos Aires ”, Nell 1960 “First quintet”, in 1971 In 1974, “Conjetto Electronico”, “Noto” 1978 “Second quintet” and in 1989 “Sextet”; He also recorded the album Summit-reunion combre With jazz saxophonist Gerry mulligan And an Italian education which included Fairy Pocho Gatti (The only Argentina), the piano, Alberto balden And Gianni Xiloli, Marimba, Philippo dacco And Bruno de Philippi electric guitar, Umberto Benedetti Michelangeli, First The violin, Renato ricio, 1. a Viola, Ennio Miori, First Cellist, Giuseppe Prestinos (Pino Presti), electric bass, tulio di piscopo, drums and percussion.

His endless creations include Orchestra, In form of Conciero for bandonon, orchestra, strings and percussion, To Double-concert for bandonone and guitar, I Three symphonic tangos And this Neckar concert for 9 tango players and orchestra; Works for Classic guitar Solo, like me Five pieces, And various other compositions that still remain Tango’s classics to the Argentine public, such as Ballad for a maniac I Goodbye noninoDedicated to his father, on the occasion of his death (in Argentina, the effect of Italian immigration means that the Spanish word “abuelo / a”, meaning “grandfather”, is often replaced by “non / a”, or, Is) by reducing, “nino / a”).

Biographers calculate that Piazzolla wrote about 3,000 songs and recorded about 500.

Many of his excerpts have been translated into Italy. Angela Dania Tarenzi And as performed by singers Edmundo Aldini (Who dedicated the entire 33 laps to Piajulla, Angry and tango, published in 1973 From Disk memories), Meena, Introduce you I Eva Zanichi. In 1993, Maestro Hugo Isenberg And founded the Pesaro Music Association Astor Piazzolla CenterWith the aim of promoting the spread of Tango, Argentina, and the Rio-Plateau culture, with collections in the collection (documentation, books, videos, records, photographs) and organization of scores, music, seminars and advanced courses.

in 2008 Is the president of Republic of Argentina, Christina Fernandez de Kirchner, He gave the title of International Airport Mar del Plata To Astor Piazzolla.

On 11 August 2013, a small square was inaugurated in the center of Massa Sassoroso, named “Largo Astor Piazzolla”, not far from the homes where Astor’s grandparents lived and they married in front of the church was. A work donated by the park’s museum of Portofino was placed in the square.


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