Juve’s position is clear

Juve's position is clear


The likes of Conte su Raggi ‘extinguish’ Zingretti’s vision for the Capitol

AGI – Giuseppe Conte’s support for Virginia Raggi vanishes any possibility of Nicola Zingretti’s candidacy for mayor of Rome and Roberto Gualtieri reserves the center-left primaries for the Capitol scheduled for June 20 by announcing his race Can dissolve. The Giallorossi alliance between Demo and M5s will talk about it again in the second round, if there will. After a month of internal labor in the Democratic Party, to put pressure on Lazio’s governor in Enrico Letta’s secretariat, considered the most-titled name for Palazzo Sanatorio, it is the position of the M5s according to the voice of the former chief, Which puts one to clarify the concept of trance and the structure of alliance. For days Lazio’s governor was letting it filter that he would take into account the hypothesis of running for the municipality if 5 stars remained within its majority in the region. But Conte has effectively closed this possibility. “There is an excellent candidate in the 5 Star Movement on Rome: Virginia Raggi. It supports the movement in a compact and reassuring manner at all levels”, the former chief explains. “Virginia is giving the city a new face”, he later specified in a letter sent and published by La Stampa. “After an initial phase in which his administration was to show signs of dissatisfaction with the management of the past and had to sow so much” we are now beginning to see the clear fruits of this intensive work and the Romans are realizing it every day and more “. “It is a pity in Rome that the conditions for planning an electoral campaign in close coordination with the Democratic Party have not been met – says Conte – at the level of regional government worthy of completion by the end of the legislature’s general work Is.. In short, the terms requested by Zingretti have not matured. For the Leader in the Pactor of the Movement, the first round will be “a sort of primary in our region”, then the second round is “the movement’s privileged dialogue with the Democratic Party. “Will. Translated: The two who reach the second round, against the center, support the candidate of the other. We’ll see. Meanwhile, Ragi gathered support:” Come along. Thanks to the support of Giuseppe Conte and the M5s. “After a month of silent waiting, Gualtieri dissolved the reserve:” I make myself available to Rome, with humility and pride. I attend the primary on 20 June. Let’s build the future of our city together: I am here “.” It was not an easy decision because working for the mayor of Rome is an undertaking that shakes the nerves in the wrists “But” After a long reflection I accepted I decided to relaunch because I think I can help my city win the challenge ”, he explains in an interview with Unch Republika. The former economy minister criticized Ragi, accusing him of “not being up to par and not being able to stop the city’s decline.” “I think it’s clear to everyone that Rome is more worthy and the page should turn” he says, sure of himself to come first in the ballot. “I am sure that many voters, even among those who see Ray and Calenda’s candidacy today, will appreciate our proposal in the second round.” For the fact that the Democratic Party voted for Zingereti Liked, Gualtieri responds: “With Nicola we have heard and coordinated constantly: We are and will be a team. His candidacy will be a strong, weighty candidacy, but in the end. A lot of respect for the institutions that gave him Has always distinguished. “Will see her at Gazboos alongside Paolo Siani, Tobia Zevi, Giovanni Kudo and maybe Monica Sirina. Now the Democratic Party will have to build through the primaries. For the entire city, especially in the suburbs, where they won elections for the Capitol. A veil of sarcasm in Carlo Calenda’s comment, which will go to the polls alive with the support of Italy’s Renjians. “The Democratic Party nominee in Rome was essentially chosen by 5 stars, with Conte threatening to bring the region down in support of Alla Ragi and Zingretti’s candidacy. Honest and reliable ally. Welcome to Roberto Gualtieri “. Leader of action. The center-right, on the other hand, still has no candidate for the Capitol. After several adjournments, a coalition table is to be held on Wednesday, but the leaders will not participate. For days, Guido Bertolaso, mainly sponsored by the league, has reiterated that he is out of the game. But many in the coalition are hoping to persuade him to reconsider his position. A possible ticket is being studied with councilors of Fadi Chiara Colosimo or Lavinia Menuni. Alternatively, other rumors speak of some opportunity for Emilio Carelli, the former M5 deputy, even though the leaders of the coalition have closed the door in his name. An agreement between the parties, which, according to the filter, may also concern future regional elections, where FDI’s Francesco Lollabrigida and the league’s Claudio Durigon have been given as candidates for the governor’s race.

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