Keer Starr: Labor leader urgently requires an approach to opposition

Keer Starr: Labor leader urgently requires an approach to opposition

The British press felt “socialism behind a lawyer’s face” in Care Starr when he took over the leadership of the Labor Party a year ago. For others, the then 57-year-old former human rights lawyer and former head of British government counsel was so eager for consensus that it was hard to think of what he wanted to do as the new head of opposition. Eventually, the British “economist” said he had a “good suit”. However, everyone agreed: Starr would not be easy in his new role.

Apparently they were right. Labor polls recently took place after the party was caught with ruling conservatives. The opposition is only a few percent better than it was a year ago – despite the disastrous mistakes made by Boris Johnson’s government. However, its Tories now benefit greatly from successful vaccination management.

Starr strategy of “constructive protest”

Even outside the party, circumstances were unfavorable for Starr’s debut. His appointment fell in the first wave of the epidemic, which made Britain worse than any European country. Instead of large steps, he had to explain the basis of the empty rooms via video message. It is difficult to get voters so excited.

»With his strategy of constructive protest« He was concerned »that the government was successful in saving lives and securing livelihoods (of citizens). In the national interest, he avoided partisan trench warfare and debated sham for profiling purposes.

Labor leader as “later captain”

However, it is unclear what Starr really stands for and wants to lead his party. The British press called them “Captain Hindite” – when they sometimes explicitly called or agreed with the government. Newspapers have caricatured him as a robot when he looks much more technical next to Rumble Boris Johnson. There may be undue exaggeration of their deliberate ability to reach consensus – but they are a disaster for the opposition’s image. And in fact, there is a lack of comprehensive vision in all party, personnel and epidemic policies.

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Within the party, Starr is criticized primarily from the left – and it is getting louder. Along with his epistemic policy, he reveals his election manifesto, which calls for, among other things, higher taxes for companies and higher income recipients. Starr recently approved the conservative finance minister’s plan to raise corporate taxes from 19 to 25 percent by 2023, which took at least some time to recover from the ailing economy. For Corbin’s former supporters, such steps are neither swift nor radical.

Starmer has not yet been dispensed with by Headward. He is committed to long-term success – one after the epidemic at a time and working within the party. Internal supporters are repeatedly quoted as saying that the party had “a mountain to win” after Corbyn’s presidency – and Starr was to begin with his team at the “base camp”.

With nationwide vaccination success in Great Britain, however, regular political operations will return to Westminster in the summer at the latest – and with it a new pressure to act for the opposition. There will be local elections in England, Wales and Scotland in early May.

So the British will soon want to know what the starr is – and what he can offer them. Just as stardom invested in advancing party politics and the recovery of a well battered party during the epidemic, it is now their duty to throw themselves into opposition actions. Labor must therefore quickly re-exercise to control the government, criticize it and challenge it with its ideas.

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Starr has not yet told the British what those views are.


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