Kovid: Johnson is the new version of the world

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has made it known that it is in “close contact” with UK officials after discovering a new mutated version of the Kovid virus that would be much more infectious, with a 70% increase in its quantity tomorrow. By Prime Minister Boris Johnson at the press conference. In a tweet, the UN agency writes that it is sharing scientific information with London and is committed to providing all updates to other member states and the public, “as we go about the features of this version (of the virus) Learn in. Its implications ”.

Coronavirus mutations that spread with great ferocity in London and southeast England are frightening. After hearing the advice of virologists and fellow ministers, the conservative chief Boris Johnson had to take drastic measures, announcing a stricter lockout for the capital and neighboring counties from today and thus returning with the slogan ‘stay at home’, ‘Stay at home’, as the risk of getting sick is increasing rapidly. In the event of an emergency, the World Health Organization (WHO) was immediately notified and replaced with a new and even more serious scale building the British Alert System, called ‘Tier 4’ (which is added to the other three). ), And applies to millions of people living in metropolises and large southern and eastern parts of the country.

This ‘cancellation’ turns into Christmas, as the media on the channel has already given the title, and above the fact that many of the subjects of Her Majesty have to forget the easing of the restrictions given by the Prime Minister in recent times, who Once again, forced to return. The announcement came at a press conference in Downing Street. “The version of the virus spreads faster than before – Johnson declared – there is no evidence of it being more fatal, that it causes more serious diseases, or that the vaccine is less effective”. Johnson, however, immediately specified what he meant by “fast broadcasting capability”: we’re talking about the 70% of variants known and fought so far. A percentage that is reflected in the alarming number of infections that the Prime Minister has communicated.

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Infections from Kovid recorded in the past 24 hours in the Kingdom have exceeded 27,000, while victims have increased to 534. Premier stressed that although the virus version is concentrated in ‘Tier 4’ regions, it exists throughout. National Region “We should sacrifice this Christmas for others in the future”, he insisted, made aware, and said many times, to signify “with a heavy heart” that would surely convince millions of Britons with their loved ones Will disappoint you.

Apart from staying at home with few exceptions (work and education), the new ‘Tier 4’ measures provide for a ban on meeting more than one person in public outdoor spaces; Abroad is not permitted except in exceptional circumstances, while shops selling non-essential items, as well as indoor gyms and recreational facilities, are closed. These are similar measures for those introduced in England in November and will remain in force for two weeks, with an expected review on 30 December.


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