Labor and Johnson on the ropes in recovery days before ‘Super Thursday’

Labor and Johnson on the ropes in recovery days before 'Super Thursday'

AGI – Tough Times boris johnsonMILF in the center of days ‘wallpapergate’, the scandal caused by the rest work in the Prime Minister’s private apartment in Downing Street. on the eve of super thursday, the most important election appointment for the United Kingdom since 2019, the election is no longer smiling: he risks losing the ‘red wall’ of cities in northern England, the Midlands and Wales, which his Labor rivals two years ago had won.

labor benefits

Labor has an advantage, albeit modest, in 43 seats on the ‘Red Wall’, according to a Sunday Times poll that pushed Johnson to Downing Street (45% to Labor and 44% to Tories) in the December 2019 general election. gave. vote intention). And even nationally, Labor is just one point behind the Tories, 40 to 39% (the rest of the electorate is 6% with Libdems and 4% with Greens).

This is not a good sign for the premiere Which, until a few weeks ago, was firmly in the lead, with the wind in its sails, for a successful vaccination campaign against COVID-19. Thursday, Super Thursday some 48 million people go to voteVoting in municipal elections across the UK, by-elections to the House in Hartlepool, voting for mayors (among others in London) and the Parliament of Wales (Senead) and the Scottish one (the latter election) is delicate. because they can reopen the topic of liberty).

Just two days ago, a YouGov poll for the Times showed a gap of 11 points. But Bozo is in trouble, confirmed by another poll, Opinium for the Observer: it gives Conservatives 42% and Labor 37%; But the conservatives’ lead fell from 11 to five points in a week.

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‘Red Wall’ creaks

However, the past seven days have been a tough test for the premier at the center of allegations of refurbishment of his Downing Street apartment and criticism for saying he would have preferred to see “corpses pile up” rather than order another lockdown. As for COVID-19… Sunday Times poll shows 32% of ‘Red Wall’ voters today are less likely to vote for Conservatives than they were a month ago, apparently because they are a definite mess in the matter feel.

Renovation of the apartment occupied by the Prime Minister and his fiancée, Carrie Symonds, caused storms on several fronts, but above all because it appeared to be Tory donors who paid for most of the work. Johnson and Symonds have also been accused of snobbery, according to toxic revelations they probably filtered out. Dominic Cummings, they would say that they wanted to free the apartment from the “John Lewis nightmare” inherited by Theresa May. It’s not clear how much the premiere was aware of what her partner Carrie Symonds was doing at home, work curated by the super-chic designer lulu little; But the whole matter has been exposed Prime Minister’s Financial Troubles.

The Sunday Times, traditionally on the Tories side, carried the math in its pocket in an article titled: “Can Boris Johnson Risk Becoming Prime Minister? Can Boris Johnson Risk Becoming Prime Minister” ?”. Translated, is she able to maintain the expensive lifestyle that her fiancé, now named ‘Carrie Antoinette’ imposes on him?

Bill in BoJo’s pocket

Bojo makes £157,000 per year, certainly not a little and in any case less than 1% of people in the UK. It is true that a good part of about 63 thousand pounds goes into taxes. But he still receives some from book royalties and private donations. It’s a small thing, though, if you think the renovation Carrie wanted would cost £200k. Apparently, he does not pay rent for his private apartment on Downings Street, nor for the prime minister’s country residence, Checkers. But he has to pay for his everyday life: water, electricity, heating and maintenance and upkeep (even if Bozo is frugal: the only passion, the church, goes up to £750 a pair, but not until he is finished. until he gets used to it).

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He has another family in addition to the current family (that of his first wife, who still lives in their house, and has given him 4 children who are all now into adulthood) and must support his daughter with the gallery owner . Helen McIntyre. In short, expenses to make your wrists tremble: it seems he himself told his friends that he should earn at least £300,000, double what he collects. Here, the premier appears to have sought help from wealthy Tory friends, but this is prohibited by British electoral law.

ben elliot, the co-chair of the Tory party – who is also Camilla’s nephew, the Duchess of Cornwall, wife of the heir to the throne, Charles – is aware of the donation, in addition to it being said that he paid personal trainer, Harry Jameson. , which invoices £165 per hour. Johnson will be looking for a donor to pay for his son’s maternal grandmother, Wilfred, who has just turned a year old (no less than £2,000 a month at the moment in London). The contact giver reacted sharply: “I don’t mind paying for passengers, but yes, if you ask me to pay for the Prime Minister’s son’s diapers”. In short, a real mess, started with Carrie’s expenses – as someone put it – “loves champagne but can only buy orange soda”.


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