Lawsuits seeking to disrupt Biden’s victory in four states have been withdrawn.

Lawsuits seeking to disrupt Biden's victory in four states have been withdrawn.

The cases were short-lived in federal courts in Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, and fed a pro-Donald Trump legal strategy that almost failed to block Biden’s presidential victory before the formal inauguration of the Electoral College College Ledge.

The lawsuits reflect each other and were supported by nationally acclaimed federal attorneys, James Bop Jr., a law firm in Michigan and Pennsylvania, and the cases were handled with issues raised by the Trump campaign.

When Bopp was asked to explain why his team was pulling suits, he replied, “Because [attorney-client] Privilege and because I don’t telegraph my next move, I can’t comment. “

The Federal Court of Appeals said voters could not bring some constitutional claims, blocking the way Pennsylvania voters wanted to take in their claims, three days after voters announced they were dropping their claim.

Trump has refused to accept the election and continues to make false claims of widespread voter fraud without any evidence. His campaign and G.O.P. The allies have filed numerous and minor legal challenges in the days following the November 3 election.

On friday Nine cases The means to attack Biden’s victory in the major states were rejected or abandoned. The Trump campaign Left the suit In Arizona, it has been alleged that some voters were confused on election day and feared that their votes would not be counted if vote tabulation machines classified their ballots as “overvotes.” They were demanding a hand review of any ballots with the national flag hoisted by the machine because Trump was rumored to be able to get thousands of votes.
The Trump campaign also lost on Friday Six cases in two counties About 9,000 absentee ballots could be thrown out in Pennsylvania. Polwatchers in Michigan Lost his case In Detroit to stop the certification of votes and the judge denied his allegations of fraud.

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