Left for Cornedo in the square for Zakik

Left for Cornedo in the square for Zakik

With the epidemic situation improving, politics is also returning to the streets.

left for cornardo

Citizen List Sinistra per Cornaredo, with a proposal to vote in the City Council, Lombard wanted to bring to the attention of citizens pressing issues starting with the need to improve health and guarantee vaccines to all citizens of the world. Collection of signatures in support of the request of 175 Nobel laureates for the suspension of intellectual property rights.

health and rights

“Territorial medicine simply does not exist in our region – explains list council leader Renzo Airaghi – during the pandemic the GP has been left alone and without protection. And unfortunately a player from Cornaredo also fell on the pitch. More health There is a need for personnel that were lacking even before the pandemic. To this day, the resources for this investment are insufficient”. The question related to student Patrick Zaki was also recalled. “Young people who travel the world to study, research, share and build a better society are free to act and think”.

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