Lola Dupre is the artist on the cover of Linkiesta and more

Lola Dupre is the artist on the cover of Linkiesta and more

Linkiesta Eccetera Magazine – Dedicated to Fashion, Design, All,It tells about «other things, light and wander» for a journey into the world of lifestyle – for art, culture. This second issue, out October 25, describes all aspects of the body: the physical, the abstract, the bizarre, the naked, the mysterious, the comic, the mystical, the difference between the visible and the invisible.

We started with the “high intensity” myths to find out what the “low intensity” myth is all about. Where the body sheds its sacred garb to take on many forms, including the pop, values ​​and representations metamorphose, until it is intertwined between strings of an (obvious) scandal.

Illustrator Lola Dupre, who creates collages without Photoshop with just paper and scissors, tells us how she creates a physical work from a photographic image, which she then transfers digitally. Thus was born the cover for the second issue of Linkiesta Etcetera – which you can buy by clicking Here – one who reinterprets victorious venus Canova, which is located at the Galleria Borghese in Rome.

who was there Venus the winner, When Antonio Canova portrayed Paolina Borghese Bonaparte (1780–1825) as the Venus Conqueror of the Judgment of Paris, it caused a certain sensation. Depicted with bare breasts, with golden apples entrusted to her by Paris as a symbol of her primacy in beauty – conflicted with Juno and Minerva – Venus is a symbol of ancient grace and creative mastery. Those light curtains that cover Paolina’s hips and natural posture give life to a seductive whole.

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From Collage to Digital: Backstage of Lola Dupre’s Cover (Courtesy of Lola Dupre)

«The choice of an image is always different, what guides me is a small detail that may not seem important, but which then reveals the creative process. I think collage is like painting with paper instead of paint. My art is certainly influenced by artists such as Jean-Paul Goude and David Hockney, as well as Keith Haring, Caravaggio, Steven Meisel, Serge Lutens and Yayoi Kusama. lola dupre She is influenced by the Dada aesthetic for her distorted portraits, which she often creates by lengthening subjects to achieve poses with unusual charm.

Cover of Linkiesta Eccetera 02, on newsstands and in bookstores from October 25, 2022

Talented artists living and working in Scotland thus recreate old photographic portraits of famous people, from fashion to politics, using the technique of analog collage, without the aid of digital manipulation practices. A painstaking act of cut and paste reshapes faces that seem to be divided into a kaleidoscopic myriad of pieces, with results from seductive and ironic beauty, in which many inspirations from pop art to Dada aesthetics can be seen.


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