Magi: ‘Knew about Si and Verdi in Calenda Alliance’

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“In Rome they say ‘famo a capisse’ (that means let’s be clear). Carlo Calenda writes a draft agreement with the Democratic Party in which he sets out all the conditions for the Letta for both Action and Europe. Enrico Letta accepts all of those conditions (including the fact that Fratoiani, Bonelli and Di Maio – who all knew would be in a coalition – were not candidates in single-member constituencies). + Europe’s deputy and president Ricardo Magi writes on social media what has happened in recent days. “Calenda, + Europe and the Democratic Party sign an agreement in front of the cameras, kiss and hug – Maggie continues – Letta, as agreed in the agreement, signs an electoral pact with the other parties, but Reiterates that the programmatic and governmental agreement is one with us. Calenda attacks Renzi for his idea of ​​going it alone, saying that this way he will only favor the right. Only 4 days pass and Calenda changes his mind . We ask Calenda for a meeting and he tells us that it is useless. We ask him to organize a joint meeting of the secretariats. + Europe / Action to decide all together. He is not us Tells. Calenda asks to leave the agreement with the Democratic Party on Live TV on Writer. While we call to make a decision + the direction of Europe, he warns his parents that + of the union with Europe The agreement has expired (it’s a pity to find out this way). I don’t know if tomorrow Calenda will change his mind again. A Comment ? If words have no value, politics has no value. This is a quote from Carlo Calenda”.

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