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Sanremo 2021, until the second evening of the festival

Sanremo 2021, until the second evening of the festival. Amadeus and Fiorello welcome guests and big singers on the Amidsson stage today. According to the schedule, tonight guests will arrive with Laura Possini, the refreshing winner of the Golden Globes, Il Volo with Andrea Moricon for tribute to the great Ennio, followed by Gigiola Sequetti, Fausti Leili, Marcella Bella to relay great successes. Sunmo. Then Gigi D’Alio, blue walker Alex Schwazer, women’s national football team’s top scorer and Juventus Christiana Girelli. While the second ‘painting’ of Ekil Lauro will also include Claudia Santamaria and Francesca Barra. Beginning with Fiorello winged with masks and total black to the show in front of the entrance to the Ariston Theater, he then takes off his mask, enters the theater and reaches the stage dancing, where Amadeus and the audience Finally await her equipped with balloons. “This is the party of unity of armor. Now I recognize the festival”, says Fier. Akeel Lauro’s play continues: “These wings are backpacks that were used in Akil kindergartens,” he says. He then jokes about more or less controversial comments in the evening: “I Amadeus calls him the lord of controversies and in fact he can only create controversy by pointing to the cross. The Democratic Party took it instead of me. I did Zingreti And talked about D’Reso. But why are they together? I don’t understand. Anyway, everyone can talk about the festival “, he underlines. “Pulled, yesterday we mentioned him, he sent us a message. He doesn’t use his cellphone, he sent us with a carrier pigeon, who arrived here and fell in love with the winged Akil Lorro,” Faselio it is said. “In any case, drew, while he was looking at us with his left hand, wrote the Finance Act”, he shines. Finally, speaking of the boys who will return to Dad, he says: “The time they are taking from you will be returned to you. But I want to appeal to the big people: We are powerful people. Conduct vaccination campaigns so that we can return to normal as soon as possible ”. To open the second part of the New Propost competition: Girouto, Greta Zuccoli, David Shorty and the Dalai Twins. So, 13 Big: First Oreta Bertie. Then, in order of exit: List Representative, Social State, Bugo, Gaia, Willie Piot, Malika Ayane, Fulminias, Extralisio, Ermal Meta, Geo Evan, Irma (if a change of regulation is proposed by Amedus then maintain it Must compete for. Dress rehearsal video) and random. Irma, in quarantine for the positivity of a staff member, will perform in ‘deferred’: a video of the dress rehearsal will be used.

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