Michigan-Ohio state football game canceled due to COVID-19 cases with Wolverines

Michigan-Ohio state football game canceled due to COVID-19 cases with Wolverines

The annual feud between Michigan and Ohio State has been canceled due to an increase in COVID-19 cases last week under the Wolverines program, the school announced.

The decision was taken after discussions with medical experts, health department officials and the university administration.

Michigan Athletic Director Ward Manuel said the number of money tests has continued to rise in the last seven days. “We are not currently allowed to participate in the practice. Unfortunately, we will not be able to field a team due to the quarantine associated with the need for COVID-19 positive and close contact persons.

“This decision is disappointing for our team and coaches, but their health and safety is paramount, and it always comes first in our decision.”

Wolverine canceled his game against Maryland on December 5 and suspended all team activities. On Monday the program was cleared for limited workouts and he participated in the workouts, but the administration decided to cancel the game last week due to the number of cases and student-athlete exposure.

Michigan says it will continue daily testing with the hope of returning to the practice area when cleared by medical authorities.

The cancellation of the game puts Ohio State out of a total of five games played this season, under the threshold set by the Big Ten Conference to participate in the conference championship game against Northwestern.

The rule states that teams must play in six games to qualify for the championship game, unless the average number of games in the entire conference falls below six.

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“We will continue to be transparent,” Big Ten Commissioner Kevin Werner said on Tuesday. “We will have constant internal communication with our coach and athletic director as we continue to make decisions that will affect our conference over the next two weeks. We will work through these issues. … We need to stay fluid, and we will stay this time. Quick and nimble in the meantime. This has never happened before. “

The Big Ten athletic director will meet on Wednesday, according to sources, when they may discuss changing the benchmark.

“I think we have to keep a close eye on all this stuff from time to time, and this is one of those situations,” Buccaneers coach Ryan Day said Tuesday. “If we don’t get the games we need to participate in the championship game, I think the conference needs to be looked at as hard as anyone else. There is no easy compromise in a time like this.

“I know those people will come together and take a hard look at this and make sure it was the right decision.”

Also, if Saturday’s second Big Ten game is canceled, Ohio State could revolve around conference games in an effort to play.

If Purdue, who canceled Tuesday’s practice to evaluate his latest COVID-19 test, had to cancel against Indiana, the Big Ten could revolve around the games or play Indiana and Ohio State again.

If the conference does not change its rules and Ohio State does not play Saturday, Indiana will become the East Division representative in the conference championship game.

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