Municipal elections 2021, then this kind of policy participation is over-

Municipal elections 2021, then this kind of policy participation is over-
From Walter Veltroni

The result of the vote was clear and clear: the center left won and the right and the populists lost. But the heroes of politics must reflect on strict abstinence

Vote result clear and unambiguous: Center Left won and Right and Populist lost
, But the heroes of Italian politics must sincerely consider this fact to cause alarm among all without exception.
I’m talking abstinence, a conscious choice made by millions, especially in large cities, to not participate in the vote, the main form of democratic practice. Let’s look at the statistics, because this is no sensation: in no city except Bologna has the influx of seats exceed fifty percent, In Rome they voted eight percent less in just five years, At seven in Milan and Naples, at about nine in the capital of Emilia and in Turin. And in Calabria only 43 percent were elected president of the region.

If you look back in time, but not by that much, the data appears to be even more disturbing: twenty years ago all of these cities, with the exception of Naples, which stood at nearly seventy, had vote participation. was between seventy-nine percent. The stale percentage of Rome and Turin and Milan. There are certainly electors of this or that who, for reasons related to the chosen candidate or political dissent, wish to mark their critical attitude with abstinence., But what matters in this election, which is worrying for me? Many reasons, as always in these cases. I might say, first of all, the crisis of politics was understood as a normative and programmatic anchorage to the strong values ​​rooted in the conscience. left and right overtook fanfareFar from defining modern and not just twentieth century differences between the two camps, it has demotivated millions, making them not active citizens but participating in politics in the spirit of spectators.

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Thumbs up and down, of choice, of mutual humiliation, policy of end of image.
Populism has ended, certainly not revived, participation. This fanfare served as an excuse for the shameful spectacle, of which it was the legislature view, of a coalition between forces who had sworn their constituents before the vote, never allying themselves with those. To whom they will later share the government and ministries apparently. , Always against someone, not for anything. It is to be hoped that the resumption of bipolarity will help reverse this trend. Used citizens, obsolete, not reaching large projects and the values ​​that inspire them, decide to step aside. But, without the participation of individuals, democracy becomes weak. Politics would do well, seriously, to discuss this today.

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