Nelson Mandela who changed history from prison cell

Nelson Mandela who changed history from prison cell

de soo 95 years of existence, Nelson Mandela lived behind 27 prison bars. Exactly 32 years ago when he came out of jail. on 11 February 1990has already been a symbol of fight against apartheid Which in South Africa still meant isolation for those who did not have fair skin.

the prize Nobel Peace Prize 1993 Mandela – “Madiba” was his tribal name – became First Black South African PresidentBy winning the 1994 election, defeating that white opponent, Frederick de Klerk, from which he made the vintage gearbox. Mandela He was president until 1999but since his electionAfrican National Congress – The party-movement in which he joined in 1942 – has always been at the top of the country.

arrest, trial, detention

Following the 1948 election victory by the National Party, a supporter of a pro-apartheid policy of racial segregation, Mandela replaced Zuma on the national executive of the African National Congress (ANC) in March 1950, and was elected national president the same year. same party youth league

Mandela distinguished himself in the 1952 resistance campaignOrganized by the ANC, and played an important role in the 1955 Popular Assembly that adopted the Charter of Independence, which established the program of the anti-apartheid cause. he was arrested Along with 150 others on December 5, 1956, on charges of treason. too long has passed The trial, which lasted from 1956 to 1961, ended in acquittal of all defendants. in 1962 has been arrested for the second time He will be sentenced to 5 years in prison for organizing protests and leaving the country without permission. during his captivity, Police arrested other prominent leaders He was charged with high treason by the ANC on 11 July 1963 at Lillesleaf Farm in Rivonia. Mandela was also charged in this trial.And along with others he was charged with sabotage and other crimes.

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Nelson Mandela in prison in 1966

all were found guilty and Sentenced to life imprisonment on 12 June 1964, Prosecution includes involvement in the organization of armed actions, especially sabotage (of which Mandela pleaded guilty) and try to Helping other countries invade South Africa (a crime for which Mandela pleaded not guilty).

He spent most of his time in captivity Robben IslandToday it has also become a tourist destination. in April 1982Mandela was Transferred to Polsmoor Jail In Tokai, Cape Town. Mandela remained in prison until February 1990. He was released on 11 February 1990 due to growing opposition from the ANC and pressure from the international community. On the orders of President de Klerk of South AfricaAnd at the end of illegality for the ANC. he was 71,

captain of my soul

a Invictus, a poem by William Ernest HenleyThere was daily support for Nelson Mandela during his imprisonment. poem that inspired Clint Eastwood film (2009). is in the movie Morgan Freeman To play the role of Mandela, almost indistinguishable from the original.


From the depths of the night that surround me,
Black like a well from pole to pole,
I thank God whoever exists
For my invincible soul.
in dire straits
I didn’t hold back and didn’t cry.
under the ax of fate
My head is bleeding but not tingling.
Beyond this place of anger and tears
The fear of the shadow looms large,
and then the danger of the year
seeks me and will find me without fear.
no matter how hard the road is,
Life is full of punishments,
I am the master of my destiny:
I am the captain of my soul,


Mandela held a meeting on the day of his releaseToric Speech from Cape Town’s City Hall, Despite harsh persecution and lengthy detention, he abandoned a violent and vengeful strategy in favor of a process of reconciliation and peace.

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« Friends, comrades, brothers of South Africa, I congratulate you in the name of peace, democracy and freedom! I am not here before you as a prophet, but as your humble servant. It is for your tireless, heroic sacrifices that I can be here today, and so I hold in your hands the years I have left to live, ”he said in his speech that day.

Nelson Mandela with his wife Winnie on the day of his release from prison

Live telecast of Tg1 on 11 February 1990 that documented Mandela’s release

Presidency, Rugby

Reconstruction of the nation was the mission, which was to undergo mutual acceptance. For this reason Mandela insisted on the rise of the President Springbox, South African rugby team. Rugby has always been playing Favorited and played by whites (loved blacks and practiced football), But the oval ball was a formidable political and social leverage To rescue the country from the wounds of apartheid, seal was organized 1995 world cupwhich only Springboks win the final Against New Zealand All Blacks. Mandela himself wearing the uniform of the national team, Cup handed over to the captain of the team, francois pinari (photo below)

Goodbye to politics and past years

Mandela in 1999 apply for relinquishment for his second presidential term and announced his retirement from public life. Died on 5 December 2013 at his home in johannesburg at the age of 95, was the first to announce South African President Jacob Zuma, live on television. Five days later, one was held in Johannesburg. Major world leaders attend public memorial With thousands of South Africans.

Mandela Day

In the late 1980s, the anti-apartheid cause and the Mandela liberation movement assumed a planetary dimension. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, another fence was bound to fall. The soundtrack of that era was a song by the Scottish band simple mind, “Mandela Day”. The song was written by Jim Kerr, Charlie Burchill and Mick McNeill. Nelson Mandela’s 70th Anniversary Tribute Program organizedJune 11, 1988 at WembleyIn which the band was the first to accept the invitation, and was the only one to write a song dedicated to Madiba.


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