Networks have been cut off from Trump’s White House address

Networks have been cut off from Trump's White House address

NEW YORK (AP) – ABC, CBS and NBC on Thursday parted ways with President Donald Trump after he made a vain accusation that the presidential election was stolen from him by the White House.

A day later, featuring evening newspapers on the East Coast, Trump attempted to command the nation’s airwaves, a day after a slow drop in vote counts saw declines in Pennsylvania and Georgia.

Brian Williams of MSNBC also interrupted the president. Fox News Channel and CNN aired the president’s full address, then CNN’s Anderson Cooper said Trump “was like an obese turtle on his back, his time slipped into the heat of equality.”

After Trump’s angry, midnight speech after election day, the network celebrities were harshly criticized but the talk was broadcast in full. Trump was further subdued on Thursday, although he offered complaints about “repression” voting, mail-in voting and fraud, which he never mentioned.

NBC’s Lester Holt said: “We have to intervene here, because the president has made a number of false statements, including the notion that there has been fraudulent voting. No evidence has been found.”

CBS’s Norah O’Donnell asked journalist Nancy Cordes to investigate Trump’s claim that he would easily win the election if it was considered a “legal vote.” Corde said there was no significant indication of the number of illegal ballots cast, adding that the reference to Trump’s late arrival of votes was “another misconception.”

MSNBC removed anchor Brian Williams from Trump.

He said, “Here we are in an unusual position not to stop the President of the United States again but to reform the President of the United States. “There are no illegitimate votes we know, Trump has not won what we know.”

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After ABC finished its coverage, the network’s White House correspondent, Jonathan Carl, also said there was no evidence of illegal votes.

“What seems to be disappointing … it takes time to count the votes,” Carl said. “It always takes time to count the votes. But especially in this election. ”

CNN “Trump says without any evidence that he is being cheated,” he told a sergeant displayed under him while holding Trump in the air.

Anchor Jack Tapper felt bored when he finished.

“The United States has heard the President of the United States say that it is a sad night to falsely accuse people of trying to steal elections, to try to attack democracy with this feast of lies.” “Lie after lie. Kind. ”

Both CNN analysts David Axelrod and Wayne Jones said they were outraged by Trump’s attacks on Detroit and Philadelphia officials, suggesting they are racist.

On the Fox News Channel, critics Bill Bennett and Byron York said that the fact that there was no specific example of irregularities by Trump does not mean that nothing happened there. But the president and his lawyers need to present evidence, they said.

“What we saw tonight is a president who believes that at the end of the day, when all the votes are counted, the election will not go his way, so he is planning an alternative way to retain the White House,” Fox told the White House. Said correspondent John Roberts.

“Donald Trump claims baseless election fraud in his White House address,” was the headline of a story on a New York Post speech by a well-known ally of the Trump media.

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John Deckers of CBS News said Trump’s speech “felt like a spit fire.”

The third day of election coverage on the networks was like a high school math class filled with number geeks like MSNBC’s Steve Cornaki and CNN’s John King, which is reportedly explaining the confusion of his vote.

Biden turned to Trump’s leadership in the states for any prospect of getting the 270 election votes the president needed, as opposed to the math class that he was bringing to a big end.


Lynn Elber, an Associated Press writer in Los Angeles, contributed to this report.


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