New hospital in Terni, denied access to documents

New hospital in Terni, denied access to documents
Thomas de Luca

De Luca (M5S): new hospital in Terni, denied access to documents

“The Terney Hospital Company declined our request for access to documents to view projects and documents related to the construction of the new hospital.

A legitimate initiative as we do not consider it laudable that citizenship has not been made aware of the most elementary aspects of the project. For example, the exact location of the work is not even clear till date”. This is the announcement of Thomas de Luca, regional councilor of the 5 Star Movement.

“The reason explained for the denial of our request – explains De Luca – is the impossibility of granting access to documents that could be used to accompany the tender document, according to the Terni hospital company.

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Nevertheless the project was presented in a fairly detailed manner to Governor Donatella Tessi, regional councilor Luca Colletto and the mayor of Terni, Leonardo Latini, who, despite the complex aspects and all, enthusiastically re-launched the proposal by a private individual. did. Appraisal was carried out considering the entire equipment of Article 183 of the Procurement Code relating to ‘Project Finance’.

“It seems – De Luca continues – that we are facing a total abandonment by politics and institutions in the face of private interests. This is one of the most important investments planned for Umbria, with more than €240 million of declared expenses. And the area will have to express itself on the public interest of the work very soon. In the event of a positive result, the project will be made its own and included in the planning documents which will be announced.

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We ask ourselves whether it is right at this stage to silence any attempts at transparency aimed at generating a debate on what should be a strategic act for the health of citizens. A discriminatory option that sees the party that controls the territory remove any possibility of confrontation with citizens and their various representations. We have a right to know and exercise a supervisory and controlling role. We cannot just wait and passively face events”.

“Could a strategic act like the new hospital in Terni – asks De Luca – be the result of a proposal by private individuals that establish location, characteristics, health needs? But above all – he concludes – is it Is it possible that citizens, civil society in its various manifestations and all rights holders have to go through the options of private bargaining without participating in any way in the debate?

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