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The first thing the extraordinary commissioners saw after taking office at the town hall was a mountain of documents that had been ignored for years by the old municipal administration. Unpaid invoices, off-balance sheet loans that haven’t been honored and a list of suppliers who knock on the door of the building in Piazza Elena d’Aosta every day – and still do today. A constant back-and-forth, often translated into disputes before judges capable of “increasing” the economic outlay for the public coffers, is at the center of the first provision introduced by a government team sent by the ministry after the dissolution due to mafia infiltration. in over. Thus a choice of commissioners from the old municipal administration – deputy prefects Aldo Aldi and Agnes Scala and retired manager Antonio Scozes – began a plan to “settlement” that mountain of debt in order to prevent the municipality’s accounts from heading towards the dead-end tunnel. Had to do. out. The first step was to set up a pool of dedicated officers only for this. And after ascertaining that funds exist in the budget to settle the accounts of many entrepreneurs and citizens of San Giuseppe Vesuviano and beyond, paying most of the debts that the old political management decided to set aside has been carried out. More than half a million have already been distributed, which are related to the management of social policies: a boulder that is still being worked on. In total, a debt mountain of 4 million euros has been found which the Commissioner is trying to repay in these first few months. More than two hundred – of the 250 works that were to be honored – have already been finished: an important sign towards the re-appropriation of the treasury which is one of the essential points of the extraordinary commission that is running the town hall in Piazza Elena di Have ‘Aosta since June. The release of funds to pay down off-balance sheet debt represents a fundamental step in furthering the discontinuity with the recent past. The “legacy” left by the municipal administration, led by former mayor Vincenzo Catapano, weighed like a ton on the work of the prefects sent from Rome after the dissolution due to mafia infiltration, as decided by the Council of Ministers at the beginning of last June. Once the accounts with the past are closed, it will also be possible to take over the tasks and provide for grafts to be included in the biological plan of the organization, even reduced to the bone and over the past few months And slowed down as the areas focus on the issue of debts left “legacy” by the old local government team. It was in fact the huge amount of payments to be made that blocked a series of activities in the past, as also attested in the latest reports by the municipal auditors that first brought to the attention of the political administration and then the office of the prefect. I came What has been done in recent months will soon be at the heart of a report to be sent to the Interior Ministry and between the lines of the report the commissioners will also indicate the next emergencies to be addressed for the region.

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