On Lucarelli Poll for the Role of Deputy Mayor, Alfonsi Assigned to Decentralization

On Lucarelli Poll for the Role of Deputy Mayor, Alfonsi Assigned to Decentralization

definition of council Roberto Gualtieri is running out. The first city council will be held in the Capitol on Thursday 4 October and the presentation of the council is one of the items on the agenda. Already on Tuesday, according to which filter, the picture should be closed and a presentation to the press. The former minister is working diligently at these hours, locked in his new office to oversee the Imperial Forum, to make phone calls upon which the last resort depends. The G20 over the weekend will see them busy welcoming the great of the earth. In many cases the names should be defined by now.

Lucarelli on poll for the role of deputy mayor

Let’s start with the right hand – the deputy mayor – who won’t be a woman unless there’s a sensational surprise: the profile in pole position is that of Monica Lucarelli. The 48-year-old engineer is the third of those elected to the council on the civic list created by Alessandro Onorato, the former president of Young Roman Entrepreneurs, but the many voices chasing each other before the ballot give him a substantial one. . Alfio Marchini’s former breaking up with the Dolphins and this makes it free of any “political” affiliations. However, note the possible last-minute insertion of PD Michela di Biese, regional councilor and wife of Culture Minister Dario Franceschini. The possibility that the role of deputy mayor could be held by either Mariana Madia and Beatrice Lorenzin is becoming less and less solid. However, the election is strictly tied to the chairman of the class. On the other hand, rumors about a possible admission to the Council by Claudio Mancini, Claudio Mancini, very close to Roberto Gualtieri and repeatedly described as the true director of the former minister’s success, find dry denial.

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Alemanni option for class presidency

In fact, if indeed this sounds more plausible, the deputy mayor is a figure outside the parties, for Julius Caesar to be someone from the Democratic Party to take the reins of the hall. As has already been written several times, Giovanni Cado is in the running, but Svetlana Celli’s figures should not be underestimated, even though her priority is delegation to Sport, threatened by Onorato who gives her Turismo e. Grandi will add in Eventi and Andrea Alemeni. , two of the four most voted in the Democratic Party in the first round, behind Alfonsi and Velocia.

Alfonsi. Schools and Decentralization in

About Alfonsi: I The former chairman of the municipality is seen by Gualtieri as the most appropriate to receive delegations for the implementation of administrative decentralization, as well as for the school itself. As for the waste, it is understood that the commissioner’s approach is more than concrete, the name made to get Rome out of the “nonsense” is Laura Melara, the former chair of AMA’s board of directors in 2019, who Resigned after resigning. Only 104 days to a major confrontation with Mayor Virginia Raggi on charges of “lack of courage” and “preferring compromise to the downside.” In terms of the ecological transition, a potential new councilor could go to Grazia Francescato, deputy from 2006 to 2008 and the historical face of the Greens. It is difficult but not impossible that this delegation goes to Nando Bonesio, chosen by Europa Verde and included in the list of names proposed by his party to Gualtieri. It is also necessary to take into account (not only for this department, of course) that the council must be composed of 6 women and 6 men and that two are already reserved (Alfonsi and the deputy mayor). Valerio Carocchi, president of Piccolo Cinema America (“My place is here, I thank everyone for mentioning my name”) is parading culture even before it becomes a real option, while Merino Sinibaldi is more and more solid. it happens.

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Cicculli and Catarci at Gualtieri’s Table

As we anticipated yesterday, the name of Michela Siculi changes, without doing anything to feed the rumours, in the corridors of the Palazzo Sanatorio: the former councilor for Budget and Equal Opportunities in the Eighth, he council with ecologist Civic Left. I entered. Descending the council would clear the way for Roberta Agostini (Article 1), much to the delight of Minister Speranza. From Garbatella, however, the emphasis is entirely on Andrea Caterci: Massimiliano Smeriglio aims to have “his” man to manage the powers for the House and the Legacy. There are those who guarantee that they are even producing another name outside the logic of the list, which is perhaps more digestible to both Gualtieri and the Democratic Party. we will see.

Almost certain from Patan area, likely Leonori

Eugenio Patne has been almost the only option for mobility and transportation for several weeks now, with many sources converging on it, with the wind of demilitarization in the region that will be of great help. And in this sense Marta Leonori, former councilor with Marino, takes the reins of commerce in the Capitol once again on the traits of integrity. Another woman appears to be in pole position to look after the accounts of Rome, or Sylvia Scosze: Head of the Cabinet of Ministers of the South Mara Carfagna, Member of the Legislative Office of the President’s Cabinet and Advisor to the Court of Auditors, 2014 And has already held ‘assignments’ with Marino Mayor for 11 months between 2015.

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“Wild Card” Maurizio Pucci

When considering Gualtieri’s options, this should also be taken into account: it is difficult to hire technicians for most communication pairs of proxies (both urban planning and public works, environment and waste, tourism and commerce). So, taking urban planning as an example, if Laura Ricci is in the most pole position as a technology, she leaves room for public works for a politician with the surest option in mind. is kept. But Pucci, with Marino already a councilor and Bettini behind him, could also be a clown to be used in urban planning and at that point Caudo would have the green light to proxy.


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